It’s Time the World Threw Off the Barbarians and Grew Up…

The 19th and 20th centuries will be known as the post-modern dark ages, I do believe, for since Medieval times, there has not ever been such a resurgence of oppression, barbarism, paganism and the dominance of destructive, genocidal superstitious pseudo-science that puts the leech-mongers and bleeders of medieval times to shame.

Barbarism has been the tool of the conqueror, and the bludgeon has been death and deception. The oligarchs have decided that they and they alone are wise enough, elite enough, privileged enough to rule the world and have proved their exalted position by destroying hundreds of thousands of innocent lives, millions of acres of pristine wilderness and impoverishing once vigorous and thriving nations all in their mad quest to — what?? They have only proved they are bat-shit crazy and worthy to rule nothing.

In our own government, we have a poseur that to our immense shame has lasted 7 years as the most incompetent destructive, anti-American holder of the office of president in history; he never should have lasted even one month in office, and has made the US the scorn, the laughingstock and the loathing of the entire world. And, if this madman, this tool of the British and Muslim fanatics is not removed from office and soon–it is certain he will gladly trigger thermonuclear war, for that is the pet project of his masters. In their insanity, they desire to destroy billions of human beings on the planet, considering us an infection. It is to be assumed that they will of course, be among those left, and only keep enough “commoners” to serve them tea and crumpets and wash out their royal undies.

The remnants of Nazism and socialist lies these old fossils represent that are the brainchildren of poisonous ideologies that were deliberately sown to destroy civilization and spread through the Frankfurt school and the London College of Economics must be purged. Brzezinski, Kissinger, Cheney, Soros, and their like are tainted with the same poisonous and erroneous poison that has proved its malignancy by resulting in the the near-destruction and constant wars we have today, and breakdown of the world’s financial systems, the deaths of hundreds of thousands if not millions of innocent souls, and is the very reason that our societies are in chaos and we stand at the brink of thermonuclear war.

These are barbarians–they would have mankind as carnal animals, forever at war, and worshiping their dark demon gods of war, death and destruction. They find no value in humanity, and scoff at the idea that we are anything but clever animals, beasts that can be trained to do tricks like any other pet monkey.

Humans are their tools and their prey–they hate and despise us, and we are important to them only in our ability to acquire more possessions or to fight and die to accomplish their strategic goals of conquest. They must be removed, and their mindless games of geopolitics and “Realpolitik” stopped. These are the games of savages and pagans, not of civilized humanity, and we have lived under the dominance of these pagan overlords long enough.

Britain’s rulers must be brought to just–and deposed for their roles in the genocides of millions of Africans in Prince Philip’s ¬†genocidal scheme; and they must be brought to justice for their role in 9/11, not to say their interference in the USA affairs. They have also advocated genocidal policies for the entire human race. They cannot be allowed to reign any longer for they are clearly quite insane and their policies and actions are a danger to all of humanity.

We must fight for humanity, people. Regain what mankind has been stripped of. We cannot allow these barbarians, these beast-men to continue toi strip away our rights, our property, our humanity. We can and will fight back with every means at our disposal. We can demand to be removed from the UN–we do not belong the UN officially. We can demand to be removed. It is unconstitutional for our troops to be used in NATO and in the murderous Blue Bonnets. The UN agreement is not a treaty and was never properly ratified. No one has ever told you that, have they? The UN was designed to be an instrument of war, not peace, and no one ever told you that either. Again, it goes back to the deception, the lies, and the Dark Ages that were to be deliberately inflicted upon this world through deception, deceit and force.

Their plans are crumbling now–the Trans-Atlantic system in bankrupt; the EU is bankrupt; the US ion bankrupt, and unless the Glass-Steagell bill that is being introduced in Congress right now is enacted, and Obama and his cronies are kicked out of office, you and I and our great-grandchildren will be stuck with enormous debt not to say a economic crash of immense proportions. Write your representatives, call, whatever you can do to support this act, for like Greece, we have been saddled with debts that are no more than the gambling losses of speculators. And, like Greece, a lot of the money that was supposedly lent to us was never received. Another reason why the Fed won’t allow itself to be audited. They are crooks and they know it.

We, the American people, have been the most taxed, the most cheated, the most lied to people on the face of the earth. It’s time you all stood up for yourselves and your country, quit whining about YOUR rights and started thinking about your nation. You don’t know anything about rights. YOUR rights are all contained in the Constitution, and if that goes, you will have NO RIGHTS!! Got it?? I have heard that Obama has signed an executive order allowing slavery–how is that for rights???

And I continue to ask myself, what the hell is congress and the Supreme Court doing while he is doing this????

Read up, people! Investigate! Know your rights! If you do nothing, you have no one to blame but yourself when disaster strikes!