What You Need to Know :The New International Financial Architecture

Economic Situation May Not Be as Grim As it Appears

  I receive a newsletter from a very well-known financial analyst; I also read articles from various countries around the world. I’m by no means an expert in finance and/or economics, my only credentials are a degree in Business Management that’s forty years old, and whatever expertise I’ve happened to gather in managing my own small businesses and straightening out my ex-husbands “shoebox accounting” methods.

Still, that puts me a notch or so higher in comprehension than most people, I suppose. So, when I read this analyst’s last newsletter predicting such a dismal outlook on China’s finances and economic picture, I was somewhat taken aback to say the least. He predicted China would collapse under the weight of its own indebtedness and bubbles, and collapse as soon as it did not have the West to prop it up was the gist of his predictions; I have heard this before from other analysts, and like I said, it set me back a pace or two, because this is not the picture I am getting from outside the US blather-sphere, so to speak.

Everything is up, up, up and investors speak glowingly of the returns they are getting on their Chinese investments. There is no mention of huge debts or vicious interest rates…the very opposite seems to be true. Dealing with the Chinese seems to be as President Xi says, all “Win-Win”, and not like the IMF, all “Lose-Lose.”

I’m going to try to publish a few of those articles. But really, I cannot see how China can be in a tight kind of financial situation on anything. Perhaps its just my own naivety, I am anything but an expert. I thought I’d post some information about this new alliance of banks and financial arrangements, and the finance whizzes among you–anyone among you who can add without counting on their fingers–can do a better job of analyzing than I could, probably.

Offhand, I’d say China’s debts aren’t going to matter, because eventually the IMF and the world bank are going to be made to eat them, or face prosecution for their hideous crimes against humanity. The same for the international bankers, and that’s where they should head this entire mess. But I’d shoot a tse fly with an elephant gun, so there you go.

Here is what we have:


“A New financial architecture has been formed among the BRICS nations, along with an extensive network of other countries who are now gaining access to credit for development that has been denied them for decades by the IMF and World Bank.”  [I have a feeling these are nations on the DNR * list–nations slated for eventually destruction and complete decimation because they breed too much and take too much of the earth’s resources, according to these nutcases’ severely outmoded ‘Malthusian theories’.]

“With the creation by the BRICS of a parallel economic order to rival these former hegemonic global financial institutions, the IMF’s reign of usurious loans and murderous conditionalities is no longer the only game in town.

“Great infrastructure and development projects that have been on the books for years are already blossoming  across the planet, nourished by the productive credit being provided by an array of institutions that have been created by the BRICS over the past six months.

“A purely Hamiltonian approach to credit is governing the establishment of this new financial order, with a whole raft of new credit institutions that have been established since the BRICS revolution. These new institutions include:

  • The BRICS New Development Bank (NDB)
    • Officially agreed to at the BRICS summit in Fortaleza, Brazil in July 2014
    • Financing infrastructure and development projects in BRICS and other developing nations
    • Headquartered in Shanghai, China with the first rotating presidency held by India.
    • Initial authorized capital of $100 billion, with an initial subscribed capital of $50 billion. [emphasis mine]
    • Initial capitalization to be equally shared among the bank’s founding members.
  • The BRICS Contingent Reserve Arrangement (CRA)
    • Officially adopted at the Fortaleza summit of the BRICS in July 2014
    • Initial capital of the Contingent Reserve Agreement will be $100 billion.
    • Intended aim to “help countries forestall short-term liquidity pressures.” [Do I interpret that as ‘pulling their asses out of the financial fire?’]
  • The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB)
    • First proposed by President XI Jinping during his trip to Indonesia in October 2013.
    • Officially founded on October 24, 2014, with twenty-one founding members.
    • Plans to begin infrastructure investment operations by end of 2014.
    • Issuing credit of $50-100 billion annually for major infrastructure projects based in Asia.
  • The New Silk Road Fund
    • Financing for projects related to the New Silk Road Economic Belt across Eurasia.
    • China has announced plans to provide up to $60 billion for infrastructure projects.
    • Also announced plans to establish a Marine Silk Road Bank for maritime development.
  • The Development Bank of the SCO
    • A development bank specifically for Shanghai Corporation Organization (SCO) members.
    • Finalized on September 12, 2014 at the annual summit at the SCO in Dushanbe, Tajikistan.
  • The Sino-Latin American-Caribbean Cooperative Fund
    • Sino-Latin=Caribbean Cooperative Fund of $5 billion for investment in development.
    • Discussed at the July 17, 2014 meeting of CELAC with Chinese President XI Jinping.
    • Scheduled to become operational by 2015, plus numerous other financing offers.
    • Plus additional fund to finance infrastructure, starting at $10 Billion, and rising to $20 Billion.
    • Offers of preferential credit line for CELAC from a Chinese bank as well, as large as $10 billion.

{Above information courtesy of LeRouche pac.com}

Needless to say, it isn’t likely China is going to go into a financial terminal meltdown anytime soon; not with all this capital at her back. And, it’s solid capital, not toilet-paper monopoly- debt- money, not wish-a-million money that is spewed out by the Federal Reserve and the international money mongers then wished into being, for all the world like tiny Tinkerbells. Recollect that part in Peter Pan? “Clap your hands, children if you believe in fairies!” I was in a small community theater that performed Peter Pan–I was Twin #2.  I don’t know how many times through endless rehearsals and performances I felt like running out with a blowtorch and—you try sitting for eight stinking hours with grease crap on your face, and itching wig and your boobs strapped flat and see if you don’t feel like strafing a few fairies, fella!]

The BRICS Alliance already has a lot more going for it than the central bankers ever did. For one thing–they aren’t keeping the money they bring in for themselves. The Federal Reserve, for example, is privately owned and has stockholders. They get massive dividends from the Fed, which by all rights, should be going to the American people. This, I do believe, is only one reason they do not want the Fed audited. Another is their payoffs to various clandestine organizations that shall remain nameless.

The American people do not owe this debt. We do not owe the original loan that was incurred. We are being made to pay bills not our own. This is another fact an audit of the Fed will reveal. Our tax money does not go into the treasury, people. It goes to the Fed. It does NOT support the US or pay for its infrastructure–it pays the interest on the debt for the currency that has no value. In other words, a deb=t we did not incur and do not owe. There is nothing in the Constitution that says we have to pay for the use of our own money, The dollar that is used by these robbers and shysters is totally unconstitutional and illegal and has been since it was first crammed up our—noses.

The American dollar is issued by Congress, not a private bank. The American dollar is a set weight of a certain kind of metal.It is spelled out right in the Constitution, and their railroading of their illegal money system through Congress does not make it legal. The Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Land, and cannot be abrogated or superseded, except by LEGALLY assigned and legislated amendments.   You cannot endorse an illegal law. It’s as simple as that.

And, note this: Congress has been implicit in this falsehood for all these years. It has never corrected the false assumption that the “Federal Reserve” is NOT Federal, is NOT a bank, and is privately owned. It has been complicit with the Fed’s murders and destruction of any persons who tried to expose them, such as James Forrester who ended up in a mental institution and who tripped and “fell” out of a seven-story window, or Charles Lindbergh, whose son was kidnapped and murdered after he protested against the Fed, or Sen. McFadden who spoke out vigorously against the Fed and suffered through three murder attempts before these right royal bastards finally succeeded. Presidents McKinley, Garfield and Kennedy were murdered for trying to curb the Fed, and anyone who even tries to curb their power ends up in the morgue. If I disappear, you’ll know who to blame. Wipe your ass on a dollar and put it back in circulation just for me.

Even now, with the debt astronomical through their own greed and utter incompetence, Congress fiddles and wavers, and goes all wishy-washy, because they know those behind the Fed could have them turned into gerbil-food at the slightest provocation. As my dear old Dad said, Congress is “worthess as tits on a boar pig.” We may as well reject them all, for their cowardice and self-serving squeamishness has done nothing to stop Obama’s mad romp through the Constitution, nor has Congress stopped the British buzzards from devouring our land and all that we own.

They protect themselves, not us. They serve the next election. They scheme and plot and fret and worry more about how they are going to win votes and get money to earn another term of uselessness than they do about seeing to the welfare of their constituency and the needs of the nation!

They should all be keel-hauled! TWICE! In a swamp!!

You need to realize you will not have any resolution to the problems our nation faces–or your own–until you claim them yourself. What you have learned and have been told has all been lies to keep you docile and pacified. I can attest to this; in the sixties and seventies when all these pukes that were supposedly greeat revolutionaries and so dedicated to “The Cause” I was there too–but I and my associates were the true embodiment of what that movement meant–they were what came to be known as “Hippies”, and I despise them for it.

These were the rich kids, out for a lark, who come along anytime some movement gets trendy. They suck it up and assimilate it and fuck it over. And they did it to the movement that started out being so meaningful and beautiful they turned into an empty plastic troglodyte sold on the street corner like any other good whore.

We–I hesitate to include myself, as I tailed along at the end of the movement, when it was disintegrating into politics and revolting violence and the sopping up of CIA-supplied drugs–were seeing what our world was becoming, and we were appalled. We only wanted to go back to an easier simpler time, away from the plagues of modern civilization and its problems. We saw where America was headed–towards war and becoming the bully of the world, and we didn’t like it. We wanted to return to an earlier, simpler time, when people cared about one another, and everyone provided their own needs, and God was part of everyone’s lives. We wanted people to see that these were the important things in life–not that the United States was the top dog on the shit pile, or we had the biggest missiles or could kill everyone on the planet 37 times over.

We wanted people to experience and know what was really important in life, and that it could not be bought or attained by war or conquest. But, just like when the Lord Jesus came and tried to tell the people of that day the same thing, nobody listened, and the rich kids moved in. The ones always looking for a new kick to placate their boredom with themselves.

Their daddies and mommies paid their tuition. Or, they got scholarships or EEO grants. There was nothing like that for us, the middle class, the ones the Masters were even then trying to eliminate. We worked, we struggled, and our salvation army rags were duplicated in posh boutiques and trendy stores everywhere. I recollect watching a friend, Kathy pull out a pair of old-looking frayed jeans from a shipping bag that looked a l,ot like the ones I’d about worn out after six years. “Where’d you get them, Kath?” I asked. “Jordan Marsh.” She said happily. “They’re ‘distressed’! Aren’t they cool? Only cost sixty bucks!” I thought a minute. “I’ll sell you mine for thirty.” I said. She wrinkled her nose. “”THEY come from SALVATION ARMY!!” She sneered. “But they look exactly the same.” I pointed out. “But they’re NOT! These are stone washed!” She said carefully as if I were an idiot. “Yeah, but these are ‘butt=distressed” and should be worth a lot more, don’t yah think? Takes a lot longer, y’know.” She just shook her head and laughed. “You are so OUT OF IT!” She said. That was a vile insult, I knew. But she had just insulted herself and hadn’t even known it.

What got me was the “Halo” effect. I hung around with some pretty smart kids. I had started working full–time in jr.high. My father had made it clear to me if I wanted “foo-foo’s” and “girly-stuff” I’d have to buy it for myself, and he definitely wan’t gonna pay out tuition for no girl who was just gonna quit and get married and have babies anyway. It was a waste of good money. So, I worked full-time during the school year and took two full time jobs in the summer, so I’d have money to go to college.

In jr college, I got a work ship in the school yearbook magazine, and also worked a full-time job at a local department store. And carried a full-time class load. That was when being bi-polar came in handy, though I wasn’t diagnosed at that time, I only knew I had no trouble keeping up with everything.

I was mildly surprised when they moved me out of my History class into the honors class-I was doing too good, they said. I needed to be in a more challenging environment. Well, it was the class with all my smart friends, This was old hat for them, because they had been in honors classes all through school, since none of them had to work. They had the top grades, deans list, all that stuff, and now they only had to “coast”. The “halo” effect. Once you have been designated as a “smart guy” you no longer have to maintain your credentials. You can simply float along on the strength of your past accomplishments.

My friend Terry got bent all out of shape when he got the first B in his entire life from a teacher who when he protested said, “Terry, you’ve been coasting along on the halo effect and you’ve gotten sloppy. Deal with it.” He was furious with that teacher, and even more furious with me when I told him she was right.

I worked hard in that class– I had to. The “halo effect” did not apply to me. We had a term project, a presentation that was 75% of our grade. It was to be written and oral, the thesis of our choice, but something toothy, please, Mr. Clarke the professor asked. I was going through a phase where I was fascinated with medieval costume, so I did mine on 15th century medieval dress and its historical significance, , and even sewed a dress and made a hennin for an old barbie doll my niece had left, authentic down to the fur-lined Boleyn sleeves.

It was quite a project; I worked hard on it. But when I gave my presentation, I was interupted by snide comments, yawns and rude questions such as, “Did they wear underwear?” I was already furious by the time I finished my presentation–had they no respect? And then Mr. Clarke went through giving out the grades blithely–Gene, A. Kath A. Tom, A–and then, “Chylene–” He paused, pursed his lips dramatically while the classed stifled giggles. “I’ll give her a B. She’s cute.” Everyone laughed. I rose up out of my seat and threw my textbook at him barely missing his goddam head.”FUCK YOUR B, YOU ASSHOLE!” I shouted, and everyone’s mouths went all agape. “If that’s the only reason you’ll give me a B you can stick it up your goddamn ass! Unlike these bunch of losers and suck-asses, I WORKED for my grade, the shitfaced cocksuckers, and I deserve  a better grade than a B because “I’m Cute” Fuck you and fuck the little red dog you rode in on!!” I then kicked over my desk, threw the barbie doll at his head and stormed out of the classroom.

I didn’t go back. I got a letter from Mr. Clarke apologizing and he gave me an A for the course. Fuck him up the butt. Fuck all of them. They didn’t come near me for weeks, and that was smart of them.

I went to University of South Florida just because they went there, but I wasn’t there two months before I saw their Art History department sucked and went to Florida State the next semester. I don’t know what happened to them, I don’t give a shit.

I saw the entire movement die there from Tallahassee; I saw it taken over by the violent and the programmed,  who turned it into something ugly. There was nothing I could do about it. We were poor and voiceless. That’s what shits like the Clinton’s and the Ayers did; while they burned down buildings and rioted, kids like me had their tuition go up and had to drop out of school because they couldn’t work to pay their tuition anymore. I joined the Army , both to get the GI Bill, and because they owed my brothers something. When they got back from Nam, they were treated like shit. The Army deserved me, and I was going to make them pay. I’m still making them pay.

Everything you have been told is a lie. Everything you have learned is a false hood. The Clinton’s, the Ayers, the Black Panthers…all who boasted of their “revolutionary” activities during this time were not heroes, they were destroyers. They deserve nothing but contempt. They were working for the same people that are destroying our nation, and think they are doing a good thing.

Look at what they have accomplished, and see that the movement and all the people in it were just stepping stones toi be used and then discarded without so much as a backwards glance’ Much as Hillary Clinton preferred to regard Benghazi and what’s-his-name. Oh. Yeah. That Stevens guy. Like, What’s the big deal?  She seems truly perplexed as to why there are continuing investigations into this brouhaha. In her twisted way of thinking, its old news and should have been swept away a long time ago.

God help us with things like this woman gets control of any part of of the decisions governing our nation.


*Do Not Resusitate


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