Charleston: Christian Martyrs in American

   ” In the wake of the Charleston church shooting in South Carolina, two particular phrases have been used in the media to describe the attack — “hate crime” and “terrorist act.” Soon after the initial reports of the tragedy, the authorities threw both around when discussing the matter with reporters, sometimes letting their emotions get the better of them. That is, what Dylann Roof did was terrible, but until the official investigation is complete, the use of either descriptor won’t be completely accurate.”

But that hasn’t stopped FBI Director James Comey from discounting the use of “terrorism” and “terrorist act” to describe Roof’s crimes. At a press conference in Baltimore on Saturday, Comey said that the agency was currently investigating whether or not Roof committed a hate crime, but not terrorism:

“Terrorism is act of violence done or threatens to in order to try to influence a public body or citizenry so it’s more of a political act and again based on what I know so more I don’t see it as a political act.”

‘The Bureau has a rather large and ever-evolving code of definitions for the various kinds of terrorism and terrorist acts. However, the basic definition is quite simple:

“The unlawful use of force or violence against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a government, the civilian population, or any segment thereof in furtherance of political or social objectives.”

‘With the news that Charleston Police officials describe the Wednesday evening attack that killed 9 people at the Emanuel AME Church as a “hate crime” comes the inevitable pushback and skepticism from some who either view race-based conversations as a non-starter or prefer to wait until all facts become available.

‘It seems as though Fox’s Steve Doocy and guest E.W. Jackson are in the former camp, as during Thursday’s Fox & Friends the pair expressed doubt as to early claims the shooting was done in the name of racial hate. Instead, the pair both suggested, if anything, the “hate crime” designation may refer to the ongoing “War on Christians” in America.

“There does seem to be a rising hostility against Christians in this country because of our biblical views,” Jackson, a pastor himself, said after urging that everyone wait for the facts. “It is something we have to be aware of.”

‘Later, Doocy added, “Extraordinarily, they called it a ‘hate crime,’ and some look at it as, ‘Well, because it was a white guy and a black church,’ but you made a great point earlier about the hostility towards Christians. And it was a church. So maybe that’s what they were talking about. They haven’t explained it to us.” ‘

‘Jackson agreed: “Most people jump to conclusions about race. I long for the day when we stop doing that in our country. But we don’t know why he went into a church, but he didn’t choose a bar, he didn’t choose a basketball court, he chose a church.” ‘
‘Hosts on Fox’s Outnumbered today raised their eyebrows at President Obama for being so quick to invoke gun violence in America in reaction to Charleston.’

These are a few of the notes I gathered on the Charleston shooting, and it leaves me with disturbing  conclusions I cannot deny. First and foremost, however, I grieve that these good Christians were murdered in their own church; yet, it recollects me to a time some thirty years ago when I and my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ were members of a small church that was located in a rather disreputable black section of Fort Lauderdale. The church had been there for decades; the area had just gotten poorer around it.

This was the eighties, the time when thanks to Vice-President Bush (I’m writing a book about his many shit-ploits) the area was inundated with crack cocaine and foreign drug dealers. There was abundant crime and murders were sky-high. These addicts, of all races mind you, had a craving hunger that gave them a frightening viciousness and their crimes were horrifying. Tourists were disappearing at an alarming rate, which the authorities were ordered to cover-up so more tourists could be lured down for them to rob and kill.

We had a Wednesday night prayer service, too. We also had a choir practice the same night, so people wouldn’t have to drive down twice in the same week, since we were all working class folks. And, the suggestion came up, since we had been robbed already a few times–the whole sound system had been stolen, and our purses had been ransacked while we were in church, among other things, not to say busted windows, graffiti and such–under the threat of such violence, perhaps we should suspend our prayer meetings for a while, for our own safety?

Our lay-pastor (it was a denomination that didn’t have a formal pastorate) thought a minute and then said, “Well, anyone who feels unsafe can certainly stay home if they want. As for me, if I have a choice of dying of old age in some nursing home, shittin’ my pants with a tube up my nose, or dyin’ in the Lord’s house with a prayer on my lips and a Bible in my hand as a martyr to His Glory, I think I’ll go the way that’s earn me the Martyr’s Crown. I think the Lord Jesus might agree to that, too, but I could be wrong. I can’t speak for Him. I’ll be here, anyway to open the doors and set things up, but I can’t play the piano. Someone bring a kazoo.” (Yes, there was a reason I attended that church. )

Everyone of us–except the pianist–showed up that Wednesday–but I convinced my husband, an ex-Vietnam Vet and a registered firearms dealer, to come also and sit discreetly in the back with his special pet firearm prudently tucked away–a customized .357 magnum with his own special reloads that would have blown a hole in the wall the size of–well, you get the idea. I decided if the Lord wanted me to be a martyr all that bad, he’d have to work for it.

I ignored the faces he made all through the choir practice. “Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition.”

But these good, loving Christians did not have any reason to arm themselves. They were in their own cherished house of worship. They had allowed this assassin to join them, no doubt hoping this angry young man would be touched by the spirit of love and hope. He repaid them with death, yet, as I told one troll that insisted on stalking me and was fond of issuing sadistic death threats, “Spam, you stupid idiot! Don’t you know that telling a Christian to die is like sending a kid to Disney World? Why don’t you find something you’re good at–like scraping up road kill and wearing it as a hat?  Get rid of the tin-foil.”

This entire scenario has disturbing elements that transcend all the accusations being thrown at it, people. It’s just too evil to be a simple act of racism, and when the FBI immediately comes out and says “It’s not terrorism” when nothing was ever implied–it means yes, it was terrorism. And when Obama denies it was an attack on guns, when no one even mentioned such a thing–it was an attack on guns.

They are so stupid, they keep pulling the same cheap, shabby tricks and think we are stupid enough to fall for them again and again. If you do, it is because you are small, venal and full of hate, and you repudate everything these people dedicated their lives to. You render their martyrdom meaningless, and the grief of their families will turn to bitterness.

As long as their lives can uphold the cherished principles they lived in everything they represented at that prayer meeting, then their lives were all they hoped and meant for them to be, and their families’ grief will be uplifted and made into a joyous testimony to the redemptive power of God’s power and regeneration.

Turn this incident into hate and rage, like that woman did, yelling at the CNN reporters, and you cheapen them into victims and debase them into mere targets of a hateful spitefest. No. This was something deeper, uglier and was meant to do just what you dumbasses are trying to foment. It cannot happen.

Christians of America, it is time to rise up and take your rightful place again. Too long you have cowered and hid yourselves in your churches and twiddled your thumbs, looking about piously, waiting for Jesus to come scoop you up and take you back to the mothership. It isn’t going to be that easy. It wasn’t meant to be. You are going to have to get off your tookus’ and work for the Lord, and not just handing out cans of donated corn to poor people, or waving your hands and shouting hallelujah! at your worship services. There’s a whole country full of hurt and pain out here, and they need to know the Great Healer.

These good people, these wonderful Christians must not have given their lives in vain. They must rouse all of us to one great knowledge: “The hate must stop. The shootings must stop. The rage must stop.”

We cannot do this alone. But the power of our Lord God within us can. As long as these attacks succeed in their intent, they will continue. As long as people hate and fight and divide, America will continue to crumble. Can’t they see they are cutting their own throats? Can’t they see they are working for the Dark Side? Can’t they see that this government, this Anglo-American alliance that has been in power since 1913 and is determined to crush us all IS the Dark Side??

Obama has been trying to crush the south since he got in office, and Bush before him. Remember a few years back and that fiasco when those nukes almost blew up Charleston harbor? I live in Tennessee, and I lived her as a young girl. In our elementary school, in the 1950’s, before desegregation, we had black kids in our school and nobody thought a thing of it. I was bewildered when I saw all the to-do about the National Guard not allowing that little girl to go to school. “Why won’t they let that little girl go to school, Daddy?” I asked. “Cause they’re fuckin’ stupid.” Was my father’s blunt assessment as he sucked back his Busch.

Here in Tennessee, where racial incidents have been virtually non-existent, white people are turning up beaten to death–by blacks. The sirens, once rarely heard now go several times a week. It’s provoked, I’m sure, because there’s no reason for there to be racial incidents. Black folks and white folks live side by side. The blacks are employed, they haven’t the least bit of animosity or prejudice at all towards whites, and you never see any kind of disrespect towards blacks–or anyone–expressed by Tennessee people. They are kind and gracious to a fault. No, these incidents are imported. That’s the police’ assessment, also.

They tried to crush the South during the Civil War and unleashed their worse rage and vengeance during the so-called “Reconstruction” period. That was yet another reason why Lincoln had to die. Only 3% of all Americans ever owned slaves, and it was the Boston Brahmins, the Cabot and Lodges, I think it was, that profited hugely from their trade in slavery–but who gets the blame for slavery? The entire white race. My white family were abolitionists and had a station on the Underground Railroad–no black that has ever punished me for looking “white” has ever bothered to find that out–or really gives a shit when they vent their racial hatred on me., or on whites whose family came over in 1956, either the dumb shits. They don’t mess with those that shell out the money, you notice. The ones REALLY responsible for their misery. I guess they’re afraid their checks might stop.

Yeah, I offended your asses. Suck it up. You’ve offended me my whole damn life, and I’m sick of it. I’ve watched my country crumble into pieces and people turn into animals, and this Anglo-American imposture get fatter and fatter on our hard work and sweat; and all you dumb shits know how to do is point fingers and blame everyone else but yourselves. You have fallen into the ditch, because you relied on your own wisdom.  You cannot see how selective these targets are? Haven’t you considered these assassins were programmed????

Yes, this administration IS that evil. Wake up, America! Reject hate! Reject this evil! Return to what worked, for cripe sake! Back before these shitwads imposed their rotten money system on us, and took away the God that actually did something for America, and didn’t demand babies be skinned alive to honor him! What is wrong with you people, that you prefer wallowing in the pig shit of what is happening morally to this nation, to lifting yourselves out of the muck and actually being able to have better, more peaceful, happier lives where you don’t have to concentrate on your peter and pussy all the time? Carnality is damned distracting, and if your mind is full of revenge and hate, it leaves no time or energy for greater things. No wonder you all are so stupid!

Let these people’s lives shine before you! They represent all that is good and right in America, and in the south! They are everything Obama and his British and Saudi handlers want to destroy in America–and in the world. They want all the good, the noble, the moral–the very Spirt of God to be crushed and extinquished forever in the United States, and want us unarmed and helpless as they destroy us down to the last man and women–except the ones they are making slaves even as we speak. Don’t you think killers like roof could be a eloquent foreboding of those? Who doesn’t know of the “Monarch” program? It was still active in Bush’s horrid reign, and it probably is still active now.

Is this what you want for your future, or do you want what these people in Charleston had? Look at their faces! Look at the joy and love and hope shining from them, then look at your own face in the mirror! What do YOU see???

The Kingdom of God is within you–and you find God by seeking him. He will be there when you search for him, and Jesus will come to you when you ask him to, and repent of your carnality. You only have to be willing.

There is hope, people. There is always hope. The Bible has never been wrong, and it has predicted these days. It has also predicted they will fail. Why? Because God will intervene. He WILL stop this madness. A lot depends on you, and how you turn away from the evil that is devouring our nation and the world. You must reject it, and realize it has devoured your soul. People have lost their humanity–they are doing terrible things, and it is because they have been lured into thinking they are not wrong. They will always be wrong, and they should know that. The right way is not always the easy way, you dumb shits.

THEY are not human; go back and trace their bloodlines, and you will find that this is so. THEY are the impostors, the wannabees, and do NOT belong here. THEY are the usurpers, the thieves, the robbers. More and more, the evidence mounts up to condemn them all. The British impostors are not human at all. I thought this was all YouTube hoopla, but the more I research, the more I find it is true. THAT is why they are trying to remove humans from this world–they want it for their own.

It’s all but common knowledge now; I say nothing new. Those who tell you of these “extra-terrestrials” and all are working for them. That’s why they are still alive. Look at all who have died who have tried to tell the truth about them…but now, too many know the truth. I didn’t even have to look very hard. How could I? I have no great security clearances and I have the technical skills of a gnat. It was only recently I found out “cookies” didn’t come in oatmeal and chocolate chip.

I speak (message) Christians all over the world. I don’t even have to speak their language. We only have to know one word: “Christ. Christos. ” And we know we are brother and sister. That is the way the world should be, people. For that is what the Lord Jesus was trying to impart to us–a common spirit by which we could all recognize ourselves as belonging to a common family, linked to a common Father in Heaven. If that had been allowed unimpeded, can you imagine what could have been accomplished?

They who are not human cannot understand this and think it is foolishness and superstition. That marks them for what they are. Only true humans can experience this, for only true humans come from the hand of God. Think I am raving, crazy insane? Look at the pictures of those slain at Charleston, at the joy and light in their visages–and then tell me I am full of shit. That’s the spirit of the Lord shining out, folks. And it can happen to you.

An organization is trying to lift the world back into the civilized realms and away from the savagery and paganism that it has been mired in for the last 100 years; they are doing a marvelous work, and you need to see what they are doing. Your imagination will soar to see what they are accomplishing, particularly in bridging the economic gap between the failing trans-Atlantic sytem and the newly-emerging BRICS nations. Go see to start. You are in for an intellectual and spiritual treat that will delight you, I promise.











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