“America, Are You Listening?”

   The Old Order Has Failed–it is Crumbling and Falling to Pieces..

      Most Americans aren’t even aware of it, but a new international system has been established right under their noses, and is defining the future of all of us, even when the Whore Media pretends it doesn’t exist at the bidding of their Masters. It’s true, and they are accomplishing great things, to the snarling fury of the Hounds of Hell that squat on the lofty chimney pots that overlook the City of London.

Listen to the New Union of Nations and Resources Before it’s Too Late…

In less than a year, they have amassed an alliance of nations–over 114 at last count–around the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa), which has built “a parallel economic order with giant steps, one that is dedicated exclusively to the building of the productive economy,” according to Lyndon LaRouche if LarRouchepac.com;  it is in direct opposition to the current bankrupt (and dysfunctional)  trans-Atlantic system of the British Empire, his article goes on to explain, centered on the city of London and Wall Street banks. “That  bankrupt system is committed to the maximization of speculative monetary profit, and has brought the world to the brink of global economic disintegration and war.” (And, its not the first time either, folks…they’re old hands at destroying the world for fun and profit. Look at the records of the Bush family and Rockefeller’s and you’ll see what I mean. )


This new system, on the other hand, represents what America should always have been: a power center based on economic growth, and leading-edge technologies, rather than an obsessive clinging to the base,  imperial mandate of war, global dominatrices and the accumulation of money and wealth at any price.

The BRIC’s alliance, on the other hand, stresses leading-edge technology, encouraging the development of creative developments in all field of technological and creative advancement, respect for national sovereignty, providing credit for high-technology development projects, and on educating and training youth to meet the growth challenges of the future; and above all, the Westphalian principle of promotion of the common good among nations.

Bush pouting

These are all concepts that have been sadly neglected–virtually made obsolete–by these imperialists and neo-cons who have bludgeoned their way into a semblance of authoritative dominance in their temporary cockatrice strutings. But it will not be a lasting one. Brute force and intimidation does not win permanence in the global order of things, and there has not been one regime that has ever so functioned that has ever lasted beyond a few decades without collapsing and being destroyed by its own corruption. This is the very thing happening to the Trans-Atlantic system even as I write, and you read.


This new system, ironically, is represented by apx. four billion people, more than half of all humanity, and composed of demographics the  genocidal, obsessed Malthusians within the crackpot contingent of the British Empire had tagged for extinction. Yes, this majority of mankind has “not gone gentle into that good-night” by any means, and are making themselves most emphatically known.

They are figuratively shouting for all the world to hear what the Lord Jesus and the greatest minds ever produced by this sad and wretched world has always tried to tell the ruthless and shortsighted: That the greatness wealth humanity has is not in metals or rocks, or pieces of paper or things we build; it is in the infinite genius and creativity of our own potential.  Destroy any of us, and you destroy a piece of God himself.

NATO is  Little More Than a Mercenary Kill Squad
NATO is Little More Than a Mercenary Kill Squad

There is no doubt that we as humanity must unit upon loftier, common goals than those set for us by the petty old tyrants of the current globalists, many of whom are so old and bloated they can scarcely move. These are fossils, people, and they aren’t even human anymore–if they ever were at all. They have been coldly and calculatingly trained to be the monsters they are, by logic and rationale so twisted and perverted we could not understand or fathom it. Such are the motives that empower these moldering old  relics and their crude imperial policies of regime change and war, war and more war.

In contrast, the BRIC’s alliances hold up the  Westphalian principle of the common good among nations as their primary driver, that was the United States vision for their nation.

America, are you listening?

This current world order cannot, and must not continue to exist in its present form. It is a destructive, self-consuming conglomerate of petty geopolitics of “narrow nationalistic self-interest and competition for unilateral; control over the planet” as Mt. LaRouche says, and has and will cause immeasurable harm to the world, on every phase of existence, both economically and strategically.

Dead people in nazi gas chamber

This new order is entirely that: a NEW ordering of relations among people. Mankind must come to a common understanding, a mutual covenant of survival, to conquer common challenges and expand our influence and role, not limited by petty ties to the confines of earth, but released to the universe itself.

Best of all, there will be the option to keep our own unique national and regional identities, but to converge with a common united goal towards a greater common good. This is the American vision, and it succeeded wonderfully for decades; each family having a core of ethnic pride in their own history, but a unified strength with the whole, as Americans, and not finding any divergence in this concept at all, but an ultimate unity of all.


Even in families such as mine, who had many different heritages, we found unity as being Aericans , even as we prided ourselves on our various family anecdotes and histories. “Out of Many, One” was written for Americans, who found unity in our differences. The concept of dividing us along racial lines was a bad one; true Americans, those who have an American ancestry of more than two generations have no “heritage” racially. They are mongrels, just as I am a proud American mongrel, the accumulation of the American melting pot, and racism is a silly concept to a Russian-Chinese-Pole-Mexican,. or a Russian-Mexican, or a Native American-Pureto Rican….and so on.

My first white ancestor was the 35th signer of the Mayflower compact; I imagine the other side might have met the boat while thinking secretly, “Well, there goes the dang neighborhood.”  I am not really sure what my racial heritage is at this point, for not all our relatives are rushing to claim they are related to me.  In fact, I learned when I was sixteen or so that not only I wasn’t white, but I wasn’t related to half my family. That’s when I learned you couldn’t trust anyone to tell the truth about anything, not even your parents.

UK aid money is being used to carve up Africa in the interests of big business

As wonderful as Mr. LaRouche makes it all sound, and as enthusiastically as he endorses this new unification, I cannot help but stress great caution in going forward with such grandiose plans as he so enthusiastically describes this new unification has planned. There are plans in the works for a “landbridge” between European nations and Asia, a vast supersonic railway to tie all the member nations together that will be cheaper and safer to operate than aircraft. Then there will be endeavors to build fusion reactors, bringing Helium-3 from the moon, and possibly other resources from other planets. There’s plans to moderate other precious resources such as water for the good of all mankind, of course.

This is all well and good, but expensive and labor-intensive. And what about our more pressing and urgent needs that we need addressed right now in the immediate future? We first must render these jackals and crocodiles impotent. We must destroy their evil network utterly and completely and remove every trace of it from the earth so it may never rise again; that will take some doing.

It will take unity of purpose and a common goal between all Americans–and not just we in the United States. ALL North Americans must reach one common goal–to defeat the international banking’s scheme to bankrupt us and confiscate all we own and render us powerless chattel.;to continue to indoctrinate our children into mindless nitwits; to destroy all our nations and rape our countries of all their natural resources.

Hillary Clinton who is a SAINT trying her best to secure the Americans from Terrorist........ what an  irony....

It has started in all our nations, and you need to look no further than the California water “crisis” that would not have been such if Jerry Brown had followed his father’s instructions and implemented the strategies he had already budgeted, planned and initiated before his death. Instead, they were ignored and just as those who designed these precautions knew, the water “crisis” with all its disastrous consequences has hit California, and Jerry Brown has done all he can to exacerbate it, instead of taking measures to correct the consequences of his own deliberate negligence.

This has everything to do with how certain rich speculators–including George W. Bush–are buying up vast tracts of land with vast untapped aquifers–even buying the Great Lakes and the areas around them to steal the lakes for their own. They intend to not only make us pay for our water, but to hold us hostage with it. The same goes for the air we breathe, which is why Obama has gotten so desperate he is accusing the climate of terrorism. Now he can call it a terrorist and have it waterboarded??

America, are you listening??

Obama aggressively opposes this new BRICS system that it and its allies are building; why? It’s everything he has been trained to hate and destroy, for its based on the American System of Political Economy, the very one the moldering British Empire has spent so many years and countless billions trying not only to repudiate but to erase from the face of the earth.

They have only succeeded in destroying themselves. Still, it doesn’t keep Obama, his British controllers  and his Media Whores from churning out choice propaganda leading us to believe that China is our number one enemy, and Russia must be crushed through economic sanctions and war. That the United States has been the aggressor in every campaign between Russia and the United States, he conveniently overlooks.

looters in liquor store

That the economic sanctions have caused far more harm to Europe than it has to the United States (in fact, the U.S. saw a 11% increase in exports from Russia)  he blithely ignores. That’s because he is a liar, he cannot be trusted and he must not continue to be president of the United States. He has done only irreparable harm to us and the world, and he is trotting us like belled sheep right to thermonuclear war at the behest of fat old toads of men who should have been hanged a long time ago. I can put it no more bluntly.

Run Kid! He's Right Behind You!
Run Kid! He’s Right Behind You!

Just getting this poseur out of office along with his entire bunch of misfits, carpetbaggers and sociopaths and nullifying every illegal executive order he has ever had the audacity to scrawl out would do a great deal to restore balance to the world, and prosperity back to the North American continent. Just having Moochy out of the White House would give some dignity and semblance of class back to the first family. I cringe when I think it will go down in history as the first…never mind. I can’t even go there. I’ll hurl on my keyboard, and I lost one computer that way already.


America: DO Try to Listen!!!!

There are always those who are of That School: “Yes! Hitler may have done monstrous things, but by Golly, when he was ruler of Germany, the trains ran on time!!!”  As if that excused the inhuman barbarity of his entire regime. These are the same ones who will praise the Poseur for the advances in bio genetics and technology that has brought them such things as tranhumanism and gut-nitpickers.

images (69)That’s what I thought of when I saw the truly creepy woman from Google–she looked like she had a few of those gut pickers writhing inside her–explaining about ingestible nanobots or some such in a YouTube video I saw last night. “Why?” I asked myself, “I have rigorously avoided being possessed by the devil my whole life–why would I want to be possessed by infinitesimal bots that might scan my liver and find it not to their liking? Bye, liver. Bzzt!”  And I did not ever want to become like that very, very strange woman. Google is going mad, methinks.

Brit Twits in tutus
What? No Bunny-Ears?? Preposterous!!!

Technology is not Everything, people. In fact, it’s a Pandora’s box of mixed blessings. I look at these odd people like that woman who seem to be wanting to turn into machines themselves, and I feel sick with pity for them. Have they lost so much of what it is to be truly human? Don’t they even realize what true joy and love is? Have they never felt a symphony, or a masterwork of art touch their spirit?  Heard their son or daughter cry for the first time and watched them blossom into a person right before their eyes?  Have they never felt such intense joy they cried? Such intense wrath they could have ripped someone’s anus through their adenoids?

Apparently not.

Such emotions are not allowed in the bland, no-offending polito-correcto world we are shackled into. Say “Oh hell” and you are censured by infants. I got angry at an incredibly rude clerk at the VA and damn near got myself committed by the liberal director who apparently thought I was having a psychotic episode–because I was angry??? I told them I’d stay home and send them my numbers from now on since that was all they seemed capable of handling. They had gotten so efficient they forgot they were supposed to handling people, not folders. He didn’t like that, and said I couldn’t do that. I simply said I could, I would, and I did.

We are not animals. We are not machines. Those who are insisting on making us so are no longer human themselves–if they ever were. First and foremost, we must restore our humanity, until we can all weep for the victims of these beast’s madness, the innocents decimated by their insane obsession for ridding their planet of the unmentionables, which includes you and I, incidentally.

images (83)

We must break it to them in a gentle, non-intrusive way–perhaps with a petition signed vicariously by the millions of people they’ve slaughtered –that it has been decided they are the undesirables, the contaminants of the world, and must be eliminated for the good of all mankind, and enclose packets of hemlock. Hopefully, they will take the hint.

Most of Europe Agrees
Most of Europe Agrees

We’ll address one each to the Bilderbergs, the Council on Foreign Relations, The Trilateral Commission, and all sundry offices of the Royal Institute of International Affairs (Yes, I know. The CFR is a branch of it.) , and no doubt there would be suggestions of other organizations where such packets might be sent. The head office of Google, mayhaps? The directors of the United Nations?

The TPP Would Trash

That would solve many problems right there, and there would be no need to worry about an economic collapse. The causes and initiators would all be blissfully numbed to perdition. Oh, if it were only that easy!

Up to 1913 no taxes
Now Even THEY Don’t Know A Thing About It.

No, we are in for a long, hard fight, that most of you are sadly ill-prepared to wage. You are like marshmallows going to put put a forest fire. The first time you are singed-‘”S’mores, anybody???” She sang out sweetly…..’   The vast majority of the young people–the ones physically and mentally capable of waging this war have been rendered into Useless Idiots by  generations of totally inept and deliberate programming in education, and in entertainment.


How can this be combated? First, one has to recognize they have been programmed. Second, one has to want to be de-programmed. Third, one has to recognize what they are lacking. Four, one has to seek that which they are lacking and attain it.  The steps you take–where you go and what you do–will entirely depend on where your deficiencies are, but building your spirit is always a good place to start. And that is not building a co-dependency on God. It’s building your OWN strength and your OWN spirit, with God and the Lord Jesus as teachers and support until you are able to stand alone.

“The Lion Shall Lay Down With the Lamb and a Little Child Shall Lead them..


America, Are you There??

I was a sweet, gentle child. Too sensitive for my own good, so my tough, beer-swilling Copenhagen-chawin’ foul-mouthed pappy thought. He decided he was gonna “toughen me up” for “my own good.” Now, he had bought us baby chicks at Easter, and my brothers had both ended up lost or eaten by wolves or whatever soon after. (I think they hanged them; it was about the time they had a fetish for making hangman’s nooses and hanged everything they could get their hands on, including my eleven baby dolls which they hanged in a neat row just high enough in the apple tree I couldn’t climb up to get them down.)

But I cherished my chick, gave her baths and called her Henrietta, and played with her (like you can play games with a chicken) and that hen would meet me when I got off the school bus and race with me back to the house. Yup. You guessed it. Daddy decided Henrietta was going to be Sunday dinner one day. I screamed in horror and begged and wept and pleaded, but Daddy told my oldest brother to take that damn hen out back and chop her fool head off.”

My Psycho-sibling grinned and went looking for Henrietta. I knew she would go right up to him, she was such a tame, trusting little thing, looking for a pat or a treat, and he’d–I screamed and ran to my room, hoping against hope Dad would relent. Weren’t fathers supposed to love their little girls? Why would he kill my best friend? Surely he wouldn’t! Then there was a knock on the door. I went to the door eagerly. Daddy had changed his mind!

  But it was my brother with a big, bloodthirsty smirk on his face, fingering his bloody machete, a few feathers still clinging to the blade. I stared at it, then him, and I could feel all the blood drain out of my face. It was then I knew they could not possibly care for me to do such a thing. How could they take such pleasure in hurting a seven-year-old child? Yes I thought that way even then. I slammed the door in his face without another word. I lay on the bed and didn’t even cry, just stared up at the ceiling.

Ma called me to supper, and she had to make Dad call me because I smelled fried chicken, and I knew it was Henrietta. “You better come when your mother calls, young lady!” He snapped. I sat down, looked at my plate at the chicken and mashed potatoes, ignoring my brothers graphic accounting of Henrietta’s death. “EAT IT!” Dad roared. “You gotta toughen up! You can’t be no sissy ass your whole life! Animals are to eat not get all mooshy about! Now eat it, damnit!”

I shot him a look that made his fork freeze in midair. I picked up my plate and walked slowly to the garbage can in the corner and flipped it over. The food fell inside. Then I went to the knife drawer and got out one of Ma’s biggest butcher knives. I sat down again and lay the knife across my plate.

There was silence, my brothers snickering and whispering. “What the hell is that for?” Dad demanded.

“I’m gonna wait till those  brothers of mine are asleep tonight then I’m gonna go in their rooms and cut their damn fool heads off and lay them on your pillow. When you wake up tomorrow morning, maybe you’ll know how I feel right now.”

Dad’s face went white, then turned blood red. My brothers looked stunned for the first time in their lives. Ma  pressed her lips together and looked very disapproving.

“GIT!!-GIT!!!-GITTT!!!”—-” Dad was sputtering, fumbling at his belt buckle to give me a whipping. I got up slowly, and taking the knife with me, sauntered slowly to my room, shut the door, locked it, and loved the chest of drawers in front of it. Piss on him. He would never whip me again. He’d never try to ‘toughen me up’ again either.

And my brothers kept their door locked–and THEIR chest of drawers up against the door for six months. I’d go there ever so often in the middle of the night and rattle the door knob, just to shake ’em up a bit. Once, I stabbed the door right through–just because. It was worth it just to hear them scream like girlies.  Hee-hee-hee.

I got even with them–but I did not destroy myself. That is the mark of an emotionally mature individual. Even at that age, I knew the difference between vengeance and justice. A psychopath would have cut my brother’s heads off. I had no intention of doing so. It was a bluff, but a shocking one, and knocked my brothers out of their sadistic leanings also, when they saw there could be repercussions, even if their favorite target was a small, frail little girl.

I didn’t make these decisions consciously–how could I? I may have been reading Jules Verne and Edgar Rice Burroughs at that age, but I was still emotionally a child,.I behaved instinctively, I suppose. I mention it only because this is how you  deal with human beings–if you truly know how they think and operate. Even at seven, I knew enough about human psychology to enact a pretty slick revenge on both my father and my brothers for killing a beloved pet–and I never drew a drop of blood.

Contrast this with the way Obama, Clinton and their overlords simply slaughter anyone or anything that gets in their way, and brutally mind control anyone they want to do their dirty work for them, and you can ascertain they are far removed from human society.  They despise us all, and want to rid the world of us, is the main take I get on their actions, for after seeing what they did to Iraq and Libya–and how they have allowed the IMF to screw over so many smaller nations–they cannot be human in any way, shape, or form. They are all inhuman criminals including Obama and those who follow him.

We cannot allow the Obama presidency to continue, for he is heading us to thermonuclear war at the behest of his copybook masters. Yes, I know–thermonuclear war is so–passe–but that’s the one they want. They have convinced themselves they can survive a first strike. They’ll be in huge bunkers deep within the earth. We won’t. Maybe that’s why they slaughter so many people–they consider it euthanasia, the pukes.

It’s redundant to call these nimrods bat-shit crazy.  It is vital to forget such silly pursuits as what’s trending on twitter, or what Kim Kradashian’s butt is wearing this week ((who is she anyway? What does she do??)  and quit worrying  over who said what or did who. We’re talking about survival here, and of building an entire new world.

Face it, Libbies. You’ve been snookered. Go get your weenies sewed back on. You’re going to need them.

America–WAKE UP!!!