Blood Moons and Nuclear Tuna FIsh: The Pope Will Rule the World?



















 Our Cooperation Is Not Required

by chyleneramsey

The Final Blood Moon: 2015–What You Are Really Being Set Up For


It really gripes my ass that a bunch of anachronistic assholes who have inbred such dipshits as Prince Philip, Prince Charles and John Kerry treat humanity and the planet as their own personal gameboard and playthings that they can use and discard as they please.We mean nothing to them, not even as much as a favorite hunting dog or Prince Charles’ reputed stable-full of outlandishly expensive polo ponies which he cherishes far more than the scores of human beings he and his brother murdered when they financed global terrorism with their Saudi connections.He hardly gave it a thought, for the British Empire has been financing drugs, illegal arms and mass murder for centuries. It’s just what an Empire does, and they passed their bad habits on to the American “empire” when they infiltrated it.


Run Kid! He's Right Behind You!
Run Kid! He’s Right Behind You!


They made themselves higher than God when Henry VIII stamped out the Roman Catholic Church in England, and true to form, stole all its property and gave much of it to his favorite suck-ups–then, even truer to from, made himself head of the new church he himself invented, the Anglican church.That gave himself and all the subsequent monarchs leave to call themselves the high holy ones who had divine rights and infallibility–after all, they had kicked the Pope‘s ass, and he was more authoritative  than God and infallible, he said so himself. So, therefore, that made them higher than God and gave them control over everything in the world. Including the Pope. This is the way these guys think, particularly when you understand where they think they originate from, which is where their ideas of eugenics and racial purity come from.


English: Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, hus...
English: Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, husband of Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom, looking at City Hall in London. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The English aristocracy detested the lower classes, even after they were forced to free the serfs and sign the Magna Carta and always considered poverty a sign of moral degeneracy and criminality–even when people were starving because of their greed and stupidity and there were no jobs to be had anywhere. These were fat, pompous, bewigged asses who could sonorously and eloquently pontificate on the great nobility of English Common Law for hours to their mates in Parliament, then not blink an eye when a seven-year-old child was hanged for stealing a teaspoon, or thousands of  impoverished people perished in terrible conditions in “workhouses” because the trustees stole all the donations that were supposed to feed and clothe them. Their descendants would later join the IMF and do much the same to African nations.


English: Queen departs Trooping the Colour
English: Queen departs Trooping the Colour (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Now, they and their ass-hole buddies from all over the world have decided they have had enough fun setting up the world and stealing everything and everybody that wasn’t nailed down–and a lot of stuff that was supposed to be–and its high time to spring the Big Surprise! “Hey, we’re going to take ALL your stuff, now! And you will now be our slaves and do whatever we tell you to! Ha ha!”


Brit Twits in tutus
What? No Bunny-Ears?? Preposterous!!!


I mean, geeez….can’t they take up Euchre or something?? Have poker tournaments? Mah-Johngg? Who said they have to Conquer the World and Exterminate the Darkies??? They have not reckoned on the Lord Almighty, however, who has had them figured out long before they were even thought about. These Last days were prophesied not only in the Bible, but in other scriptures at least a thousand years before Christ’s birth.


Charles I of England
Charles I of England (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


The prophets in the Old Testament, as in Daniel, said there would be more knowledge revealed as the time of the end, and Jesus himself said knowledge would abound. Paul warned, as did other prophets, that most people would not heed the warnings of the prophets, that they would listen to lies and everything that appealed to them rather than sound doctrine, and apostasy and lawlessness would wreak havoc over the earth.


Up to 1913 no taxes
Now Even THEY Don’t Know A Thing About It.


Yup. It’s all falling right into place, and if you are a Bible believer, you have probably been ticking them off, just like I have for most of the last decades, shaking your head and smiling sadly at all these dummies who mock the Bible as a “Book of fables written by bronze-aged goatherders.” That must be a quote from Dawkins or Hutchins because I hear it a lot.




Now, as you see by this video, it is all happening, just as the Bible said it would. Now, the Book of Enoch and even other writings have surfaced, that are supposedly from Jesus’ time, that he himself knew about, that reveal even more  truths about the origins of man we have not been aware of. I take them with a certain amount of caution, but I find the parallels interesting, and worthy of study and contemplation.



The question is, with the Great Day Of the “SHTF” and “TEOFTWAWTI” (I hope I spelled that right) soon upon us, we have certain choices:

  1. We can shriek, “AHHHHH! WE are all going to DIEEEEE!” And race around in a circle waving our arms wildly until some kind stranger knocks us on our ass.
  2. We can move to Outer Mongolia and place dead-goat polo with the Cossacks. That is kind of beyond most people’s budgets–or intestinal fortitude, particularly since I think they are much too fond of fermented Yak’s milk.
  3. We can storm en masse into Washington DC, take over the Capitol Building and hold all the morons there hostage. We would probably be bored to death within 30 minutes.



I am being facetious. (A smart-ass, in the vernacular). First, note that we are not required to die in martyrship for the Lord. There will be quite a few of us left to meet the Lord in the air. Don’t just give up hope and decide All is Lost, Woe is I. Remember, the truth is a powerful weapon. Use it. “The Pen is Mightier than the Sword.” Turn their own stupidities against them. Print up flyers and leave them in public places. Speak at churches, mosques, synagogues. Give talks at your public library–at your school or home. Offer free food. They Will Come. Free Booze is even better. If you can build an organization in your community, all the better. Even more can be done.


Tempranillo vines, Clos la Plana vinyard, Pene...
Tempranillo vines, Clos la Plana vinyard, Penedes region, Spain 2006 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Christians, we must unite. There is no need to argue petty dogmas. We can united under the Gospel, and Jesus' Ultimate Commandments From God: "You Shall Love the Lord thy God With All Thy Heart, and All thy Soul and All thy  Might; and Thou Shall Love thy Neighbor as Thyself." And, reach out and unite under that motto to your community. Start a food bank, a daycare center. Give Sunday school lessons, start a free community school. Help anyone who needs it, giving classes from the experience of your congregations. Have picnics and little fairs where you can have local bands perform for exposure. Their's social media, and all kinds of other ideas.
images (14)


Any other groups could do the same thin g. Veterans, motorcycle clubs–anyone, really. I probably don’t even have to tell you, and you could give ME ideas! Dispel the bad ideas a lot of people have about Christians. Let us all Walk the Walk.

And, as for ourselves, Why are we supporting this rotten system? Work in your community, or your neighborhood, or even just your household to be as independent as possible. Get off the grid by installing a solar or wind-powered generator, or use a gassifier and make your own fuel to run one. Use a composting toilet, and be sure to store up 2 years supply of water, and have a good filtering system on hand. The corporations are buying up reservoirs and privatizing municipal water systems, anticipating the 2 years of drought forecast in the climate cycle. Be prepared!


 It goes without saying you need to store up food; if you can’t buy a lot, go to food banks. Buy in bulk at Sam’s Club or Costco. If you can, get someone with a tax ID to buy from Restaurant Supply stores in bulk for even cheaper prices. Make as much as you can, and grow your own vegetables if possible. Simplify and economize as much as you can in your life, and convert as much of your income as you can into fungible items like food, water and tradable items.

Work for yourself if you possibly can; don’t allow the government or your employer to take anything out of what you earn. We are going to need every penny to prepare for what is coming, apparently.

But the way I see it, if we divorce ourselves physically from this system and become independent of it, which a lot of people have already done, I see no reason why we should panic. It’s THEIR rotten system they have screwed up, not ours. THEY aren’t America, WE are. WE will not give up our weapons–we’ll give them crowbars with serial numbers engraved on them. We won’t turn over our homes, they’ll be barricaded at the ends of our streets before that happens, or faced with smoking craters when they come to evict us. (A new perspective on “Scorched Earth Tactics”.)

images (27)

 Unify and take command in your communities, and remove what and who you don’t want there. If you all work together and build your own economy, you won’t need Federal support and won’t have to take the government nickel. And–we can simply divorce the Federal government entirely. THEY did not sign the agreement with the states. THEY are therefore not a party to the agreement, and we can reject them any time we want, is the way I understand it. Why don’t we, is what puzzles me.

These are ideas, and I am sure all of you have plenty of your own. I am going to get busy myself with my own projects in preparation and I will be posting infrequently. I hope all of you will not be dismayed at these happenings, for God promises us, “He that calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.” That’s an all-inclusive “He”, ladies.



Here is a final video to put things in more perspective and explain about those “blood moons” you’ve been hearing about:


James Cahn: “The Harbinger” The Blood Moons


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