Obama Fired Military Officers Because He ‘Fears a Coup’ ???

JOHN GAULTIER’S FEROCIOUS CONSERVATIVE BULLETIN: Obama Fired Military Officers Because He ‘Fears a Coup’ ( Here is a partial list that will be updated May 25, 2014 ) PLEASE SHARE WITH THE MILITARY!


There Has Been For a Very Long Time….

Good, Loyal Career Soldiers are being Thrown Away Like Used Toilet Paper, and Traitors are Sitting in the Highest Offices of the Land.


By chyleneramsey

I have not had a lot of luck following up on this posting, that was from a few years back, and from all accounts is still going on–more discreetly–today. If I were to take a guess, seeing the brass monkey balls and increasingly arrogant demands being exhibited by the Muslim Glad-Bag Contingent, I would say we are being set up for a typical “radical Islamic take-down” aka “Revolution of the Goat-Fuckers and Halal-Imbibers, Phase IV,  North America, Project USA.”  This has been in the making for longer than you think:

“After WWII. Allen Dulles was OSS Station Chief in Berne, Switzerland, where he helped Swiss Nazi Francois Genoud transfer Hitler and Goebel Trusts into Swiss bank accounts. In 1952, Dulles founded Banque Commerciale Arabe in Lausanne, Switzerland.  The bank represented a pact between the CIA and the Muslim Brotherhood-Benoist-Mechin which is comprised of Saudi royal family members. Dulles was cutting a deal with Islamic Fundamentalists.” Worse, Wahhabis, the worse of the bunch. (“Big Oil and their Bankers in the Persian Gulf,” Dean Henderson (2010) Kindle Edition; all following quoted will be from this most excellent source. He is a very well-known and distinguished investigative journalist.

"McCain Sears He Never Met With ISIS?"
“McCain Sears He Never Met With ISIS?”

“The city of Lausanne, where Dulles cut this deal, also came to house a group commonly known as ‘Nazi International,’ led by Nazi intelligence officer Otto Skorzeny. After WWII, Allen Dulles became OSS  Station Chief in Berne, where he helped Nazi-infested ITT expand throughout Europe.

“The same year, Dulles–himself a 33rd Degree Freemason & Knights Templar–formed his alliance with the House of Saud, the CIA launched its MK-Ultra mind control program using LSD produced by the Warburg Dynastics Swiss Sandoz Laboratories.”

“Part of this Faustian bargain of dealing with the Muslim Brotherhood-Benoist-Menchin, comprised of Saudi royal family members,  may have involved the House of Saud chieftains providing information on how to create mind-controlled assassins. The Muslim Brotherhood claims to have perfected this technique first during the 11th century crusades, when it launched a brutal parallel secret sect known as the Hashshashins   (Assassins) who employed mind-controlled ‘lone gunmen’ to carry out political assassinations of Muslim Saracen nationalists. The Assassins worked in concert with Knights Templar Christian invaders on progressive Arabs, but were eventually repelled.”

“Dulles OSS assistant in Berne was James Warburg. With Sydney Gottleib at the wheel, MK-Ultra sought to create a ‘Manchurian Candidate’, a mind-controlled assassin to be utilized for CIA black operations.”

images (1)
We Do Not Want These As Our Neighbors


“No corporations profited more than U.S. Defense contractors. From 1950-1973, the Middle east received 3% of U.S. military aid to the world. From 1971-1975, it received 60.2%  The bulk of it went to Israel, Saudi Arabia, & Iran, the last two considered to be the “Twin Pillars” in President Nixon’sGuam Doctrine‘. He and his cronies saw these two nations as critical to ensuring a cheap supply of crude oil to the U.S.  Saudi reserves are estimated at 261 billion barrels, while Iran sits atop nearly 100 billion barrels. “

“In return for cranking out cheap oil for the ‘Four Horsemen‘ (The Big Oil Companies), these nations, both rules by dictatorial monarchs, were armed to the teeth by U.S. defense contractors and served as surrogates in financing and implementing U.S. covert actions in the Middle East region aimed at Pan-Arab governments that threatened ‘Big Oil’ interests.”

images (42)

“Oil reserves financed the Shah’s military procurement program. He agreed to recycle excess petrodollars into U.S. banks. mainly Chase Manhattan, which his good friend David Rockefeller chaired.  Iran’s Central Bank, the Bank Markzi, acted as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Chase Manhattan. Oil revenue also went to banks like BCCI where it founded CIA covert operations. Somalia, Chad & Oman were all recipients of arms from the Iranians at the request of the CIA. In Oman, Iran deployed troops to help quell the Dhofer rebellion. The Shah even sent a fleet of Northrop F-5 fighters to General Nguyen Van Thieu in 1973 as the U.S. was pulling out of ‘Nam. His most ambitious role as CIA conduit, however, was through his support for Kurdish rebels in Iraq.”

images (11)

“The Shah served as the ‘cop on the beat’ for the U.S. in the Persian Gulf, while Israel filled that role in the Mediterranean. President Truman called Israel, “A stationery aircraft carrier to protect U.S. interests in the Mediterranean and the Middle East.” The 1967 Israel invasion of Egypt & Syria was a test run for the U.S. of using surrogate nations to carry out its will in the Middle East.”

As can be seen, it worked so well, they have continued the policy, using their willing stooges the Muslim Brotherhood and their fellow fanatics of all ilks and ken to execute their vile and nefarious schemes., much as the British Imperialists hide behind their big oaffish colonials to sneak through theirs.

Brit Twits in tutus

Like Jacob Astor, whose fur fortune was established by stealing his inventory from the  drunken Native Americans he sent barrels of  cheap whiskey to via his cheap hired lackeys (whom he cheated out of THEIR wages and ruined and blackballed if they dared to protest), the Big Oil pompous asses weren’t beyond being as mean and tight-fisted as any black-hearted, tight-fisted miserly blackhearted sons-of-bitches would be, and frequently screwed him over mightily–just like they do everyone else.

‘The U.S. sold $20 billion worth of weaponry to the Shah, though only $8.7 actually delivered.  Some of what did arrive was totally useless. One shipment of Tang class submarines purchased by the Iranians was never deployed because they weren’t designed to operate in the shallow waters off the Iranians coast. Iranians were trained in the U.S. to operate the systems that did work, however which was awfully white of them. From 1964-72, nearly 5,000 Iranians received training at U.S. Air Force schools. The U.S. (hopefully) was careful not to train them on militarily sensitive weapons. By 1977, there were 4,500 U.S. technicians in Iran operating these ‘more advanced’ systems. (cough-cough-ahem).

If Obama were white

The Shah and his cronies lived lavish lifestyles while his people lived in poverty. Although he was not the horrid monster he has been painted as, he wasn’t Mr. Sweetness and Light, either. No Middle Eastern Pooh-Bah ever was. It’s just not their Thing. But, he made sure he would get a good rep with the rest of the world:

“The Shah gave bribes to the U.S. media, which portrayed his government in a favorable light. CBS anchor Walter Kronkite received cigars & caviar as did NBC anchor John Chancellor. David Brinkley, Mike Wallace, Rowland Evans, Robert Novak, and ‘Washington Post’ publisher Catherine Graham were “gifted” as well. (Hmm…it seems to be a goodly portion of these characters were CFR members as well…) The Shah made a $750,000 donation to the secretive Aspen Institute, which distributed pro-Shah booklets all around the U.S. (Sort of like all these ‘Pro-BP’ drivels going around, no doubt being paid for by BP…) Politicians were also beneficiaries of the Shah’s largess–(Of Course! They were probably the first ones there, holding open huge gunny sacks)–Marion Jovits, wife of Senator Jacob Jovits, (R-NY), an important member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, received a $67,500 public relations contract from the Shah.


“Then, led by Algeria and Iraq, the nationalists began to exert their influence. In 1969 Colonel Mommar Qaddafi took power in Libya following a bloodless palace coup which toppled that country’s monarchy. Palestine guerrillas targeted TAPLINE, a pipeline owned by ARAMCO, the Saudi consortium and largest oil company in the world,which is controlled by EXXON MOBIL and CHEVRON TEXACO. TAPLINE crosses Syria on its way to the Mediterranean Port of Sidon in .Lebanon After one such attack, Syria guaranteed Libya that it would keep the pipeline down 270 days to drive up oil prices. But again, the Shah opened the spigots, and prices remained stable. Part of the reason Israel occupied parts of southern Lebanon was to guard the strategic port of Sidon for ‘Big Oil’.

images (4)

Here’s where things get interesting: “Ed Wilson was later caught selling arms to Libya, and is now serving a life sentence [at the time of this writing] at Marion, Ill., until recently this country’s highest security prison. The government claimed he was a lone “rogue agent” acting alone. Both Shackley and Clines quietly stepped down at CIA as Wilson was convicted. Wilson told reporters from his prison cell that he was a fall guy for a group of quasi-government arms merchants who were selling arms to anyone with cash who would buy them. Wilson claims that the world’s many “brushfire” wars are encouraged by this cabal of profiteers, who make money selling arms to both sides. The bottom line, stated Wilson from his prison cell: “War is Business, and Business is Good.”

Crusty old Smedly Butler put it a bit more pithily: “War is a Racket” in his short but scathing denouncement of the war-mongering industry

Interesting, because this has surfaced repeatedly in the underbelly of the Benghazi investigations–that Stevens ‘knew enough to get us all shot’ as one of the blogs the “Libyans against the Superpower Media“put it. And, on the Alex Jones show, this was revealed–that there was a whole contingent of CIA safe-houses that had an industry going…and there were other very reputable sources who spoke of a major operation in arms deals going on through Libya–supplying the rebels and anyone else. And, we have the distinct suspicion that if this is true, a very clear cut case of a deliberate, pre-meditated political assassination on the part of Hillary Clinton, and the responsibility falls directly upon her keeper, Obama. The question? Why?

Why have they allowed Israel to be harassed and harangued down to the size of a postage stamp, and their integrity and reputation demonized, if they are supposed to be the bulwark of the US defense in the Middle east? And why, if they are needed to guard the Big Oil property, and keep the Middle east in check?

Why get rid of our strongest and most ablest commanders? Especially, when you examine the reasons, they were dismissed because they disobeyed a treasonous or suspicious order, or were investigating irregularities like: MISSING NUKES!!!!

Why did Obama order Holder to stop the trial of the “Holy Land Foundation”, and leave 300 un-indicted co-conspirators investigated? These included CAIR,  ISNA, and other such Muslim “charitable” organizations who had been investigated by US intelligence and found that they were funneling donations through the Holy Land Foundation to Hamas and other terrorist organizations.

The Holy Land Foundation Trials Documents

I do believe you see where I am going here. We are being set up, and while we have been watching our borders, the real enemy has been amongst us all along, weaseling and worming its way into every part of our nation, and into the very bowels of the government and homeland security. Would anyone like to hazard yet another guess as to how 9/11 went down so easily?? Particularly considering the respectable amount of Muslim Brotherhood converts–Clinton, Obama, Norquist, Brennan–in the frigging White House itself????



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And, here’s more:

http://endoftheamericandream.com/  The following are excerpts from three news stories about military officers in trouble that have come out so far in 2014…
Michael Snyder, Jan 16, 2014
#1 The Air Force Times: A group of former Air Force majors, forced out this summer by a non-continuation board, plans to file a lawsuit claiming the service had no right to separate them simply to meet end-strength numbers set by Congress.More than 10 of the 157 dismissed majors are banding together to challenge the move in court, seeking either reinstatement or early retirement pay. All 157 had been twice passed over for promotion and were within six years of retirement.

#2 Defense News: Acting US Navy Undersecretary Robert Martinage, the department’s No. 2, has resigned under pressure, sources confirmed for Defense News.

The resignation, which Martinage announced to his staff Tuesday morning, came after allegations were made of inappropriate conduct with a subordinate woman, the sources confirmed.

#3 Huffington Post: The Air Force says 34 nuclear missile launch officers have been implicated in a cheating scandal and have been stripped of their certification in what is believed to be the largest such breach of integrity in the nuclear force.

Some of the officers apparently texted to each other the answers to a monthly test on their knowledge of how to operate the missiles. Others may have known about it but did not report it.

The cheating was discovered during a drug investigation that involves 11 Air Force officers across six bases in the U.S. and England.



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