The Beast-Men Must Go! There Must be No War!

“The Untold History of the United States:Bush, Obama and the Age of Terror”


“Revolution: An Instruction Manual”

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“From Dictatorship to Democracy” by Gene Sharp:

 “Revolution?” You ask, snorting scornfully. “Isn’t that a bit stupid?”

No. It’s not. It is a matter of life and death, not only for our nation as a whole, but for the entire world. It has come to the point where the Obama administration’s policies, a warming-over of the blind-leading-the-stupid policies of the anachronistic dead-dog, British imperialistic,, policies reflected in the inbred spawn of ancestry that wasn’t too swift to begin with, has resulted in a major clusterfuck of epic proportions. It has only been exacerbated by the addition of a wastrel. empty-vessel of a poseur who wafts which ever way the latest fart of whim blows him from his legions of those he owes immense favors to–and whom he needs to buy silence from.

Focs News Be Like
Beg Pardon?


Obama and his entire stooge-show of-cons, anachronistic pagan goat-schlumpers and idol worshipers, his demon harpie from hell–who is fueled on sheer meanness  and the blood of virgins, I do believe–his cronyism, his absolute cluelessness, and most of all, his obliviousness to the death by annihilation of every person on earth directly due to mass moronicity  is so criminal I would almost pity him if he were anything approaching un-loathable.

Any–thing -that has been responsible for the deaths of   hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians, the betrayal and murder of loyal servicemen and the assassination of allies and the plunder and looting of their nations, then who simply foists the responsibility on others through lies and flimsy excuses is less than contemptible. Is it any wonder he is respected less than most common intestinal parasites??

Most of Europe Agrees
Most of Europe Agrees

You blacks who choose to identify with this piece of butt-garbage and get insulted when he is portrayed in his proper guises would do well to think about whether you resemble this retrograde abomination or not. “If the shoe fits, wear it.” Have you slaughtered untold thousands of Iraqi children with drones, or murdered countless Libyan civilians? Then, pray tell, why are you upset at those of us who actually take exception to this monstrous butt-wipe who has ordered these things done??

Bush pouting
Sorry. You pissed off Castro when you invaded his turf.


It is all a question of whether you respect a label, or the humanity of mankind more. I watched a video of a black bitch beat up a white girl and her little brother for no earthly reason–except the girl was white. Is that being a human being? No. That’s being an animal. That is a vicious, hate-filled beast who has labeled another human being and stripped her devoid of all humanity and designated her and her brother as viable prey solely upon the color of her skin. How, in the name of all that is righteous, can that be any kind of elevation, improvement or positive advancement to anyone? To any culture, race or nation?

How can that kind of sick, vicious poison do anything but cut the throats of those who practice it and permeate and poison all who are both its initiatory and its victims? Isn’t that what’s happened to our nation, thanks to those so-called “civil rights” and “social justice” and “Feminists” and all these others that toot the same sick, discordant looney-tunes? I see these “feminists” as nothing more than nasty, psycho-bitches looking for cheap fame who suck up their own reality through their twats and blow it out their asses.

Hi, Michael!


And that’s ALL they do for women; they do nothing for the real women of the world, who have to deal with the ramifications of their stupidities. My generation made it possible for these ding-twats to ‘strut and fret their hour upon the stage’and it is my generation that suffered the worse from their exploitation of the very rights we earned for them to  piss upon.

Where were the “AFRO Americans” when Rwanda was being decimated of 80% of its AFRO population?? Museveni incited his commandos with Fanon’s rhetoric about the “beauty” of violence and bragged of the “power of destroying the white man” but HE KILLED MORE BLACKS THAN WHITES!!! And when it was all said and done, it was revealed he had been goaded and guided by his white British mistress, and the attack on the Sudan had been ORDERED BY THE BRITISH THEMSELVES!! And, when challenged, what did Lady Corker say about her role in these horrendous genocides. “So what? There were too many Africans anyway!!!” And waltzed back to jolly ol’ England to regal her poopsy friends of the bed-habits of her savage native lover, no doubt.

UK aid money is being used to carve up Africa in the interests of big business
I can see Prince Philip with a huge beak in there somewhere


And why do I tell you this? Because the very same monsters that designed the genocides in Africa, planned the same thing to happen in South America, Europe, the Middle East, and the United States, and we are the victims and the executors of those vicious, inhumane policies. The 89-year-old veteran of Okinawa who was beaten to death by black hoodlums, the people who have died at the hands of black sociopaths who think knocking a stranger in the head is “fun”, the vicious thugs who shot an innocent baby in the face, the young black men and women who are exploited every day and every night by the soul-less predators of their own race—and often of their own blood–these are the victims of the attempts to drive the humanity out of mankind, and prove that we are nothing more than beasts, and worthy of extermination.

images (22)
Looting: “Don’t Shit Where You Sleep”


But we do not have to live like this any longer. We do not have to accept that we are anything like these Beast-Men, these overlords who have designated themselves masters and godlings over the world since they first crowned themselves kings and monarchs over everybody. We are Americans, and wherever we came from, however we got here, we have all agreed on one thing: We are here because we believe in freedom, and the right of each and every man to till his own vineyard and drink from his own well, and worship his own God without having his damn head chopped off or being thrown into prison.

Al-Qaeda Over Benghazi


And these overlords have seized the United States and propped their Poseurs, including Obama into office, and they are making sure we will end up in thermonuclear war while their scampering minions keep dumb-asses running around in Mexican fire-drills tearing each other up about crap that was stupid to begin with.We can tell them: We Won’t Play Their Stupid Games! We won’t listen to their whore media who has made so much of their depredations possible, who have covered up so much of the horror and outright lunacy of the madmen that are not only killing and destroying us–they are doing their best to utterly destroy the world.

NATO and GLADIO had fun with Europe During the Cold War, too


We must assert our humanity, not our hatred. It’s time to repair what has been broken, heal what has been damaged, and it is time that all realize and accept the truth you have refused to see. Your world, the one you were taught to accept, the the one you have lived in is sheer bullshit. It’s lies and deception, and it has no value, no credence and no historic precedence. It is for all intents and purposes, an utter fabrication, designed for the personal convenience and the utilization of a global dominance that never will happen.

images (40)
Pol Phot was never punished; he’s a bureaucrat with a nice pension, now.


Now, all of you, dealing with that, must back up and regroup. You must learn the truth. “Know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.” It was for good reason the Lord Jesus said that, in it is for good reason He is the one person that these dictators and decimators  of mankind never want you to meet. Because it has all happened just as he said it would, and as the scriptures recorded, centuries before Christ ever came to earth.

Yeah, all that tons and tons of Mommar’s gold was really oppressing them


And that’s another thing you are never supposed to know. Because then you would find out that you are not an animal at all, and why you feel so empty and restless and unfulfilled, why there is something missing in you. It is because you have been cheated out of the most vital and integral part of your existence–your very humanity. You have been convinced that you are just another animal, and no–you are not. You have been cheated out of an integral essence of your personhood, and that is the gravest of all crimes they have committed against humanity.

Muslim women who annoyed their husbands. The “Religion of Peace and Tolerance”?


These are the proponents of Malthus, of Darwin, of the “climate control”, population control, and everything else that limits human freedom and growth, and these are the ones that control American policy today. These are the progeny of the ones that promoted Hitler, Stalin, Lenin and Mao, and these are the ones that actually tried to convince you this was a good thing.

They are wrong; they have always been wrong. And you must learn why.

Start here:; Executive Intelligence Review; The Schiller Institute.




























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