Investigative reports: The CIA drug runners’ bomb? Lockerbie Inside Story Former Iraq/Libya agent Susan Lindauer

Investigative reports: The CIA drug runners’ bomb? Lockerbie Inside Story Former Iraq/Libya agent Susan Lindauer.

Lockerbie” Sen “Chuck-the Schmuck” Schumer

LG office passes out groceries with Second Har...
LG office passes out groceries with Second Harvest Food Bank – Dec. 06 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Schumer is one of the most contemptible pieces of garbage in existence. I lived in New York for ten years, in a small town of about 8,000 people that was still corrupt enough that the upper inbred echelon voted themselves $100,000 a year salaries and left the rest of the public services departments with paltry budgets of $15,000-$27,000 a year to manage the impoverished population, a high percentage of which were crushed by poverty, unemployment and the depredations of these human predators. What Port Jervis had, however, were a great many caring churches, and citizens. None on them had a great deal of money–few of those who made their big bucks stealing the government & tax  money meant to assist the citizens deigned to actually donate to the food banks and other assistance programs–but these good people  went out of their way to provide for the needs of the seniors, the unemployed and the homeless. One lady, Carol, and the Seventh Day Adventist Church around the corner from where I resided, started up a food bank all on their own, and she and her volunteers drove 300 miles or more so that they could bring back  fresh produce and farm goods badly needed for those who depended on food pantries to supplement their meager food stamp funds. I was one of them–$40 didn’t get much, even at Sav-a-Lot and when I started going to the SDA food pantry, my VA doctor remarked that my blood work improved immensely. When a tent city of homeless American families was discovered outside our town,  these community leaders applied to Senator Schumer for funds to house and feed them over the coming winter–so they wouldn’t freeze to death. This was going to be a great expense, they knew, and they would need help. Schumer, who had spent millions along with his “gang of 8” campaigning to import millions of invaders into our country to usurp the benefits needed to assist Americans such as these replied, “Move them along. That’s unsightly.” It was left up to these good Christians, who are slandered, denounced and criticized so roundly in the whore media and every nitwit who wants to prove how really, really ‘hep’ they are, to appeal to every one of us in the town–who had little enough to begin with–to help these poor folks who had been robbed of everything. What did we do? We gave them what we had. This, while Obama the Posuer’s ‘think tanks’ were having $600,00 yak-shacks on the causes of ‘hunger in America’ and deciding people not getting enough to eat  was due to racism and capitalism and stuff like that, and going home with their fat checks in their bank accounts and not feeding a damn soul.

Schumer is fitting replacement for Harry Reid, for it would difficult to find any one less ethical, or more willing to sell out anyone or anything for the right inducement. I had sent off more than one e-mail to him,  blistering denouncements of his craven politics–I think I called him a “lying sack of snake shit” on more than one occasion, and worse to his protege, Gilbraithe. He could not even show up at his Albany office , finally. New Yorkers were fed up with him, and with his twit. His re-elections were miracles on the level of Obama’s resurrecting  the dead of innumerable counties to shuffle in their moldering winding-sheets to cast their votes–sans ID–to make him the putrid potus of  infamy.

Listen to the truth about Lockerbie–and to Schumer lying his stinking mouth off, and ask yourself once again, how the worse turds in the world somehow floated to the top of this big DC sewer, and when in the hell are we going to flush it???


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