NATO Using Al Qaeda Rat Lines to Flood Syria With Foreign Terrorists

There you have it. Just as we said all along–why Benghazi was covered-up. Why Assad was targeted, why Stevens was assassinated, why Clinton wiped out her e-mails–and why the US mainstream media blacked out the Syrian media’s desperate broadcats at the time of the so-called Syrian “revolution” and why those of us who tried to get out the few videos, boadcasts, blogs about what was really going on found our poses, videos e-mails, on all channels were removed and censored almost as fast as we put them up. On the mainstream media and all of you who trolled every tuime we tried to tell the truth, the blood of all those who have murdered and the genocides that have occured are on your heads. You are all guilty of the same crimes against humanity as the inhuman monsters like NM Rothschild & Associates who worship at the altar of Mammon and drink the blood of humanity.


NATO Using Al Qaeda Rat Lines to Flood Syria With Foreign Terrorists

Tony Cartalucci 
Land Destroyer Report

October 25, 2012 –The discredited and now obscure, defected Syrian ambassador Nawaf Fares, had claimed mid-summer of 2012 that the Syrian government had been behind the influx of foreign terrorists that entered Iraq during the later phases of the US-British occupation of Iraq. These terrorists took part in campaigns of sectarian-driven violence that divided and destroyed an already devastated Iraq. Fares spectacularly claimed that he himself was involved in organizing terrorist death squads in a ham-handed attempt to implicate the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

What Fares actually revealed however, was an invisible state within Syria, one composed of Saudi-aligned, sectarian extremism, operating not only independently of the government of President Assad, but in violent opposition to it. This “state-within-a-state” also so happens to be directly affiliated with Al…

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