BETTER LATE THAN NEVER: UN asked to investigate human rights violations in Libya

They will never receive true justice as long as the criminals of the so-called New World Order are allowed to plunder and loot the world of its wealth and arbitrarily act like godlings to decide which countries may live and die. They will insist on plunging the world into chaos and war unless they are stripped of all they ahve stolen and brought to justice. They have not earned anything; they have stolen their power, their wealth, their authority from murder, guile, deceit and extortion. They are anything but gods–they are the true parasites and vermin of the world, total evil and until we have nothing to lose stop those who profit from their madness, we are all condoning our own destruction.


BETTER LATE THAN NEVER: UN asked to investigate human rights violations in Libya

The Rusaifa agency writes: the Human Rights Council at the United Nations asked the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights to investigate the violations committed in Libya since the fall of the late Colonel Muammar Gaddafi’s regime. All of us activists can sent to the HR commissioner all the documents we have for all the atrocities that occurred from the time of the illegal war in 2011 till today. We have videos, pictures, and very few prisoners who escaped that tell their horror in the hidden prisons that exist in the whole of Libya. We know for a fact that the HRight’s people will do nothing because all these documents that we have will have to go to the ICC which also includes foreign soldiers who were on the ground and unfortunately they have stayed till today…

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