Falun Dafa: The Path Back to Christianity?

God is Spirit, and We Must Worship Him In Spirit and In Truth”

I have spent a good deal of my life in a search for the True Christian Church; even as a young girl, going to Sunday School with my Aunt Velma Goss (I lived in the South. Every close friend of your Mom’s was an “Aunt”.) , I felt there was something “missing”, though I couldn’t really say why. I was a precocious little imp, already reading way beyond my 7-8 years, and I was delving into the hoary verbiage of the King James and finding things just weren’t adding up.

The pompous, sanctimonious peerage (or whatever they were called) of the Presbyterian ministry, the ones who sat on “thrones” behind the Pastor’s pulpit on Sunday’s only frowned at me disapprovingly when I asked questions like: “How do we know God made the world in six days? Did he have a Mickey Mouse wristwatch? Was it his time or our time?” and, ” If there’s one Jesus, how come there’s nineteen churches in town and they’re all different?”

They just said, “You just go along, honey. You’re too young to understand grown-up things.” and I’d say, “Well, if I’m old enough to ask about grown-up things, shouldn’t I be old enough to know the answers?”  And they’d just look at me weird. That just kept happening in every church I ended up going to, cause I went to a lot.

My Mom and Dad didn’t fool with church. They were alkies, though they’d never believe you if you told them that. Daddy went to work every day, right on time. If fact, in 55 years of employment, he missed only 3 days–he had pneumonia. Ma said she only drank “once in a while”. Then she drank like a fish for six months or so. They usually tippled on the weekends and were sleeping off their hangovers on Sunday, so Aunt Velma took my Psycho-Siblings and I to church faithfully the seven years we lived in Chattanooga, God bless her.

The only time they ever took me to church was when I was very young, and they had all three of us baptized. I was only about three or so, and had no idea what was going on. The Methodists baptize by sprinkling, or in this case, the pastor laid his wet hand on my head while intoning something, and I piped up, “Maw, this feller’s gittin’ my haid all wet!” That is a very excellent case for adult baptisms right there. In fact, after I joined a branch of the Mormon church, after my daughter was born, I patiently explained this to my anxious mother-in-law, and that she would be blessed by the elders  of the church instead. This woman, who had not been to church in at least 30 years, then sneaked my baby daughter out of the house without my permission and had her baptized–and christened–by an Episcopalian priest. I just laughed, because what was a little extra water going to do to her? Other than her complete disregard for my parental authority, that is. (She did the very same thing with my baby son two years later.)

Many denominations, and many various baptisms later, I realized that NONE of these various churches and denominations had a handle on either God, Jesus, or the scriptures. I attended a synagogue with my first husband and his brother who was studying to be a rabbi, and got a very profound and deeper understanding of the Bible and Christianity from my exposure to Judaism and its age-old rituals which God himself had established. As an Art History major with a minor in archaeology, I studied early Christian art as well as various early civilizations–and it was fascinating how profoundly Christianity had changed–and how much it had been corrupted by pagan influences, and faulty philosophies and ideologies, Truly, it had all gone off the straight and narrow somehow.

The churches had been deliberately corrupted, also. The “Club of Rome” and other nefarious agencies, most of them communist, had dedicated themselves to destroying Christianity. They sowed false doctrines in the churches, and caused splits and heresies in many denominations, such as the Synchrists, and the “Prosperity” or whatever it’s called, that says you browbeat God enough and he’ll make you a billionaire like Pat Roberson. (He used to be a playboy before they trained him to be  a shyster for the god-exploiters.)

So, where does one find a true church in this mish-mash? You don’t. That’s what I finally decided after listening to a supposedly ordained pastor preach enthusiastically about Nebuchadnezzar agonizing about “throwing Daniel in the lion’s den!” Nebuchadnezzar had been dead over two hundred years. He should have been saying Darius, who was actually a governor. This schmuck couldn’t even research his own sermons?? I walked out in disgust and never went back.

When I met up with some Chinese Falun Dafa practitioners at my apartment building purely by chance, I had no idea what it was all about. They did not approach me-I got to talking to Mr. Yang in the elevator. He was astounded I knew so much about China. I explained about my art history background. He was also surprised I would talk to him. People did not know about Chinese, he said in his broken English. “I talk to people.” I said, “How else do you learn new things?”

In Falun Dafa, and the new Chinese friends I found, I began to realize that this was a culture that had known God long before Western civilization ever became civilized enough to stop ripping the hearts out of screaming captives on stone altars. They had developed spiritual cultivation to an incredible degree, and I realized that this was exactly what all of the Western “religions” have squandered in their pagan corruptions: pagans cannot perceive anything but the material world. The spiritual plane does not exist for them, and they cannot comprehend it. The Bible explains that the carnal man is the enemy to the spirit and wars against it.

When Jesus came to the world, he was attempting to tell his followers this. They had to let go of legalism and empty works, of priests and building empty monuments. He said: “The kingdom of God is within you.” The Law could not save them, for God said “I will write my Law upon your hearts.” That is what the Holy Spirit does when a Christian is transformed. We no longer desire to sin, and seek to become better and kinder persons. The High Priests understood his teachings and miracles all too well, and could see their power and riches evaporating as everyone became free of their mastery and dominance–and that was the real reason Jesus was killed, and the reason Jews and Christians–and Falun Dafa practitioners–are being destroyed and persecuted today.

The High Priests understood his teachings and miracles all too well, and could see their power and riches evaporating as everyone became free of their mastery and dominance–and that was the real reason Jesus was killed, and the reason Jews and Christians–and Falun Dafa practitioners–are being destroyed and persecuted today. We represent the escape of the human spirit from the bondage of the “pagan priesthood” whether it be the idols and their domination by imams, caliphs, false prophets, or demon overlords. (Like Hillary Clinton and George Soros?  Oh, I am bad!) Today, the central banks rule over us by economic extortions as well.

This is what is called “evil”, the rebellion against the will of God, and this is what pagans and those who obstruct God’s plan for mankind are doing when they persecute and defame His works.

If every man is full of goodness and righteousness, there’s no need for laws made by man. If every person is at peace with themselves, they do not go out and rage and contend with one another. Jesus told his followers he had a new and better way for them, he was revealing the mysteries of God’s Kingdom to them. But, he warned, “You do not put new wine in old wineskins.” The old ways they had been burdened with would have to be discarded. Not many understood, nor did they understood the warnings he gave, or the salvation he offered, or why God was reconciling with man through His Son at this time.

Few people understand now, because they have not been permitted to, and the truth has been corrupted and defiled until God, Christianity and the Bible is more loathed than the pagan cult of Islam, with its vicious and barbaric ‘laws’ and the atrocities it has committed throughout history. What ISIS is committing now is simply a repeat of Islam’s bloody history–there are dozens of volumes in the care of Muslim historians called, “Conquests of the Prophet” or a variation thereof, chronicling the vast and gory history of  Muslim destruction of civilizations, nations, cultures and “infidels”. If they had not been stopped by the Crusades and various brave and resourceful opposers, the world as we know it would not exist.

Evil destroys. It does not create. It tears down, and does not build. It kills, maims, subjugates and exploits the most precious resources of its society, the ones most vital to their survival as a culture– women and children. It takes life, and does not create or encourage it. It loathes truth, and exists only through lies, deceit, subjugation and the infliction of fear and intimidation. It is the total anathema to God’s plan for mankind.  Yes, this is the essence of “satan”, and looking at what is happening in our government and amongst the killing and slaughter of ISIS, it is difficult to tell the difference in their rapacity; it is only Obama’s and his henchmen’s bloodiness is concealed.

The irony is, these men who commit these deeds–both Anglo and Arab-believe they are exalted personages, chosen ones in the sight of their loathsome idol, and deified. They alone have the right to decide who lives and dies on the earth, and what is sacred and profane. The petty rules of human morality do not pertain to them,  they are “exempted” , they are “gods”.

 Thus, Henry Kissinger could write up a plan about the projected growth of world population in 1996, as he perceived it, and 137 nations got together and came up with a plan that ultimately decided that certain nations would be allowed to live and others would have to die. Ultimately, it led to the devastation and rank exploitation of the African continent, mass famines and wars, and lots and lots of profits for Kissinger’s buddies–which, let us think like the real pagans here–was why it was thought up in the first place.

In the 19th century, I believe it was, when the British East India Co., armed with a charter from the English monarchy that gave them the “right” to make war upon and dominate any nation they pleased (The English Empire having declared itself Lords of the Universe apparently), came to China, they despised the Chinese as being backward, barbaric and unscientific. They scorned any race not “Anglo” for being tainted and little more than animals. Eugenics had won great favor with these ultra-prigs, and they could hardly stand their own race if they did not have the correct bloodlines.

They pointed a brace of warships at them and threatened to blast their ports out of existence if they were not permitted to sell them as much opium as they pleased. The result was that within decades, China was turned into an enormous opium den, Thousands of Indians were starving as important cultivation lands were commandeered to produce more and more opium poppies, and the uncaring British merchants and greedy aristocracy were rich as sin and happy as pigs in doo-doo.

They did not know, or care that not only did the Chinese have great scientific and metaphysical advances to offer that were far more valuable than any amount of their opium profits–they were so advanced these crude numbskulls or their primitive “science” they thought so superior and advanced would never have been able to comprehend it. It has only just begun to be able to probe these mysteries — multiple dimensions, human energy fields, psychic powers, and so on — within the last decade or so. China was virtually destroyed, but finally built itself back after managing to extricate itself somewhat from the British talons. The British East India Company,  however, went on to continue to enslave the world to this day in the name of the British Empire and it’s monarchy,  with their dope and tactics of enslavement, and has yet to be given a righteous ass-kicking that is suitably convincing. They just hide their dubious activities under different names and their many offshore banks. I have a book on it, and it is all very interesting. Nauseating, but interesting.


Then the  Chinese virtually lost their entire culture and their spiritual heritage during the 80 long and horrible years of the CPC occupation–these were the years that has nearly destroyed China, as they came very near to destroying Russia. The CPC were brutes, and inflicted both psychological and physical trauma upon the Chinese for decades. I do not have to inform anyone of Mao’s “purges”, his starving of his people through his bungled “plans”…80 million murdered, or simply dead– executed through his sadistic policies.

Falun Dafa helped bring back the soul and individuality of China. It can do the same, not only for Christians, but Americans also. I do not pretend to know everything about China or its spirituality; they cannot seem to comprehend a personal God, but then, they have lived under atheism a long time.  I tell them, Jesus is yet another step forward in the evolution of man’s spirit. If Master Li does not know that, he will soon.

I will not repeat any of Master Li’s teachings, for I respect him greatly, and his divine mission. I will say nothing to corrupt his life work, as he has requested of all practitioners, or disciples. There is much truth in his teachings, and I know there is great benefit and spiritual healing in them, and I have experienced the physical and spiritual benefits of the  exercises.  I am not privy to the wisdom he has learned,  and the beneficial spiritual and physical results of Falun Dafa are inarguable. I only know that there is even more truth in the Bible and Christ. I will not reject either totally.  Minghui.org contains all of Master Li’s videos and lectures, plus links to other sites.

 I am not privy to the wisdom he has learned,  and the beneficial spiritual and physical results of Falun Dafa are inarguable. I only know that there is even more truth in the Bible and Christ. I will not reject either totally.  Minghui.org contains all of Master Li’s videos and lectures, plus links to other sites. I recommend this site first, as it is the most authoritative, and if you go to You Tube you will be devoured by the gigong wolves in twenty different languages. You can download the first and most vital of the Falun Dafa teachings, “Zhuan Falun” there. Hopefully, there will be practitioners in your area.

Falun Dafa, All the exercises from 1 to 5
Falun Dafa, All the exercises from 1 to 5 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

 Falun Dafa strives to become one with the true nature of the universe: “Truth, Compassion, Forbearance.” And, to return to your True Self, the individual created by God, that existed in it’s perfection before it was corrupted by the negative influences of the world. It is devoted to building one’s inner “virtue” or character, both through the daily exercises which release the energy flows of the body, and through ones benevolent thoughts and actions towards others and their conduct in their daily lives.

Essentially–except for the exercises–this is much like Christianity, for we are endowed with the Holy Spirit upon repentance and accepting the Lord Jesus as our savior. But far too many Christians have lost touch with the Holy Spirit, or have not utilized it to its full potential, because their physical energies are not attuned to their spiritual ones, to try to make it simple. Sadly, many so-called Christians have never received the Baptism of the Spirit, and have no idea what I am talking about, since the churches themselves have become so corrupted and so far from the true spirit of Christ.

The Buddha School, on which Falun Dafa is based, is an ancient religion, and has undergone many variations since it came to China from India. There are hundreds of thousands of different schools. It has yet to come to the reality of the Christ, and might not ever.

What we must all reject is the “New Age” one-world religion being concocted by the UN–which itself is a Luciferian-based organization. Paganism has no place as a human religion. It is meant only to destroy, and all that Lucifer offers is diametrically opposed to everything that God has created. It devotes itself to destroying and defiling all that God has given man, and all the talents, abilities and potential we are endowed with.

Falun Dafa parade, Berlin May 2007, Stop the p...
Falun Dafa parade, Berlin May 2007, Stop the persecution in Communist China Now! 3 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This can be seen plainly in the destruction of our society once the major coup–the CIA-British Intelligence planned   assassination of JFK–was accomplished, and their “Aquarian Conspiracy” which was the real reason behind the LSD-Peace-Love-Hippie movement that radicalized 60’s youth. They are doing this tired old trick again on our nation’s campuses, these shameless old provocateurs, stooping to despicable levels to deceive vulnerable youth into “Useful Idiocy” for their vile purposes. Shame on you, Shame! Shame! Shame!

We are seeing what happens when man uses his own wisdom and science to run the world as he thinks proper. It turns into gigantic clusterphuck, to put it in the vernacular. When the USA was young and prosperous, our people were under the auspices of their Christian faith, and had few if any government interference. The Constitution was fully in force and had few amendments, and our borders were secured. We became one of the strongest and most prosperous nations in the world, and as a result, all our values and faith, all our strongest attributes had to be destroyed by the predecessors of the very men who are still working their evil today–and that includes the Clintons. And, naturally, the Muslim Brotherhood were their allies in this, and the coup d’etat was meant to be Barrack Obama. He just isn’t very good at it.

Police watering hippies

You may have read things in this article  that do not equate with your values and ideologies. You may be offended. The truth is often offensive to those who have been indoctrinated to create their own realities. This is part of the great deception that has been inflicted upon our latter generations, along with the myths and falsehoods that have been designed to totally obliterate any chance that these children might have had to become useful human beings. We see the walking wounded everywhere these days, and they are not a pretty sight. There are the stronger ones that have managed to escape “the Matrix”, or the “Horseshit Factories” as I have dubbed them, and these are strong younglings, indeed. I hope they will be strong and resourceful enough to perceive the insanity of the ruling echelons.

We see the walking wounded everywhere these days, and they are not a pretty sight. There are the stronger ones that have managed to escape “the Matrix”, or the “Horseshit Factories” as I have dubbed them, and these are strong younglings, indeed. I hope they will be strong and resourceful enough to perceive the insanity of the ruling echelons and their sick and twisted ideologies, and realize that humanity must build itself back spirituality if it wishes to have any chance of surviving, or restoring the world to its proper balance. Those who are intent only on perpetual wars and massive exploitations of humanity are simply, not the ones who can be entrusted with it.

See: www.falundafa.org/eng/exercises.html
See: http://www.falundafa.org/eng/exercises.html (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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    1. Thank you for the articles. I very much appreciate the information, and I have posted it on my other accounts, (FB, Twiiter, G+,FB, etc.) There are many who cannot believe this is going on, and I am glad to have even more documentation to make them see how much the CPC lies!


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