“Operation Libya” and the Battle for Oil: Redrawing the Map of Africa

“Operation Libya” and the Battle for Oil: Redrawing the Map of Africa.

There is no  “NATIONAL DEBT”. The countries of the world have long ago paid off what they owed. The IMF/World Bank sucks out the life and paltriest possessions of the poorest and neediest of the world, down to the last cup of water to keep their children from dying of dehydration. There is plenty of money. It is all been stolen, extorted and commandeered by presumptive command of illegal and unwarranted authority by criminals, liars, murders and  the most morally and generationally insane aberrations that have ever existed. By what authority do they do these things? Their own. Who permits these outrages? We do. How do we stop them? We expose their criminality and those who have profited by their outrages against humanity and their outright plunders and criminal actions against humanity and all laws of civilization and almighty God. Their money system is based on fraud, cheats, and sheer robbery. They owe back every cent they have ever stolen for they are the true parasites of the world. It is only what they have sucked away from us, the true wealth-givers of the world that their empty writs of nothingness have been made fungible. Their bad checks have been made good on the blood of countless atrocities, and the sweat of countless workers like you and I.  WE owe them NOTHING! THEY owe us EVERYTHING! And God himself will take all that we cannot extract from their worthless hides and empty baubles.