Local Communities Great Idea, but Be Wary

English: Women and donated cow on a Send a Cow...
English: Women and donated cow on a Send a Cow project in Uganda (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Due to their thermal mass, rammed earth walls ...
Due to their thermal mass, rammed earth walls fit in with environmental sustainability aspirations. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“From Plutocracy to Deep Democracy” by David Korten

“A plutocracy is a system of rule by people of wealth, which describes our situation far more accurately than the term democracy. We have been an Empire ruled as a plutocracy since our founding. Hear my video commentary on American Plutocracy and the transition to Deep Democracy.”

“To end poverty, heal the environment, rebuild community, and secure the human future it is necessary to turn from growth to the reallocation of resources as the defining economic priority. Eliminate harmful uses (military, advertising, sprawl, and financial speculation), increase beneficial uses (environmental regeneration, food and energy self-reliance, health, education, and productive investment), and give priority to the needs of those the old economy excludes and represses (the desperate, hungry, and indentured). The transition to a New Economy is foundational to navigating the Great Turning.”

“Extreme inequality is unraveling the social fabric of civilization. A world divided between the profligate and the desperate cannot long endure. It intensifies competition for Earth’s resources, undermines the legitimacy of our institutions, and drives an unraveling of the social fabric of mutual trust and caring essential to healthy social function. “

“In 2005 Forbes Magazine counted 691 billionaires in the world. In 2008, only three years later, it counted 1,250, nearly double, and estimated their combined wealth at $4.4 trillion. According to a United Nations study, the richest 2% of world’s people now own 51% of all the world’s assets. The poorest 50% own only 1%. That is why we call them poor, because they don’t own any assets. When the rich own everything there is nothing left for the poor to own. “

Equity is an essential foundation of true democracy and of our national ideal and self-image. It can also be defended on the grounds of rightful inheritance and property rights. It’s quite basic. Natural wealth was created by our Earth mother and is therefore a common heritage of all her children, including all non-human species. None of us has a right to abuse that wealth or to monopolize it to the exclusion of our sisters and brothers.

Apologists for Empire maintain that we humans are by nature self-centered, materialistic, and driven to violent winner-take-all competition. Coercive hierarchy and unrestrained market competition are therefore necessary to maintain social order and channel our energy to productive ends. Their favored institutions, however, create an insidious self-fulfilling prophecy by cultivating and rewarding the sociopathic behaviors that by their reckoning define our human nature.

The institutions of Earth Community, by contrast, nurture and celebrate higher order human capacities for love, cooperation, and service to community, which define our true potential. …see “The Great Turning in Bullet Points.”

The Great Turning in Bullet Points

The Great Turning provides a powerful framework for understanding our time within a deep historical context and for defining the collective choice we must now make as a species. These are key elements:

  • We humans face a choice between two contrasting models for organizing our affairs: the dominator model of Empire and the partnership model of Earth Community
  • After 5,000 years of organizing human affairs by the dominator model, the Era of Empire finally has reached the limits of the exploitation that people and Earth will sustain.
  • A mounting perfect economic storm born of a convergence of peak oil, climate change, and a falling U.S. dollar is poised to bring a dramatic restructuring of every aspect of modern life.
  • While technology plays an important role, there is no technological fix for the human crisis. The underlying problem is a consequence of social dysfunction and the only solutions are cultural and institutional
  • We now face a choice between a last man standing imperial competition for what remains of Earth’s natural bounty and a cooperative sharing of Earth’s resources to create a world that works for all.
  • Empire’s power depends on its ability to control the stories by which we humans define ourselves and our possibilities. Whoever controls the prosperity, security, and meaning stories that define the mainstream culture, controls the society.
  • The key to changing the human course is to displace the prevailing Empire prosperity, security, and meaning stories that define dominator hierarchy as the natural and essential human order, with Earth Community prosperity, security, and meaning stories that celebrate the human capacity to live in cooperative balance with one another and Earth.
  • Security and social order depend on strong, caring communities based on mutual responsibility and accountability.
  • Healthy children, families, communities, and natural systems are the true measure of prosperity.
  • To end poverty, heal the environment, rebuild community, and secure the human future it is necessary to turn from growth to the reallocation of resources as the defining economic priority. Eliminate harmful uses (military, advertising, sprawl, and financial speculation), increase beneficial uses (environmental regeneration, food and energy self-reliance, health, education, andproductive investment), and give priority to the needs of those the old economy excludes and represses (the desperate, hungry, and indentured). The transition to a New Economy is foundational to navigating the Great Turning.
  • All being is the manifestation of an integral spiritual intelligence seeking to know itself through an on-going creative unfolding in search of unrealized possibility.
  • We humans are a choice making, choice-creating species that can choose to create societies that nurture our higher order capacities for compassion, sharing, and commitment to the well-being of all.
  • Meaning is found in discovering our place of service to the whole
There are many good things about what David Korten, author of “Agenda for a New Economy” and other books advocating a return to localized, sustainable communities has to say. I. myself, have long been an advocate of ditching the horrendously out-of-control oligarchical merchant-based system that our economy and that of the world has been shackled to for so long, and returning to what worked in the first place. But the more you look at this, the more the cavaets begin kicking in, and I have emphasized them. This seems like the same old socialism dressed up in anew package, the “sustainability” myth the globalists at the UN have been trying to sneak in on us, ever-so-slyly, first under the banner of “Agenda 21” and then, under the clarion of “Sustainability!” and the ever-favorite, “Help the Poor!” Well I’m poor, but I’m the wrong color poor. I damn near starved and was homeless because no one wanted to give me the benefits I had earned and worked for my whole damn life. They were too busy giving them to folks who hadn’t. Even giving them to folks who were never born here. No, the benefits I finally did get were because of the years I spent in the military, not the decades I wasted working for the out-of-it’s-mind society that wiped its butt with me and threw me away when I couldn’t work  and give it half of what I made anymore, and stripped me of the benefits I thought I had earned to boot.  And I still have to contend with assholes who are in jobs they should have been fired from for gross incompetency who sneer at me and treat me and my brothers and sisters like dirt because we are white and we are murderers.
The only true equity is merit. The only true measure of people are their ability to strive for what they believe in and the principles they cherish. It took me 12 years to get my college degrees, because I did not apply for any “EEO” or “Minority Quota” scholarships. Nor did I want any of those government loans that were nothing but rip-offs. And I get disgusted when I see people like the woman who was supposed to teach mu daughter’s kindergarten class, who was so stupid, my 5-year-old could add and spell better than she did. How did she get through 15 years of schooling and still be that stupid?
In my way of thinking, THAT was real injustice. Why? Not only because it was simple racial exploitation, but because I am mostly native american, that’s why. I was raised white, which is why I will not exploit the heritage I have not earned. My white great-grandparents were abolitionists, and had stations on the underground railroad. Yet, the bigots throw me in with everyone else because I don’t look like an Indian, except to another  Indian!!! That shows very plainly the gross hypocrisies and blatant stupidities of their entire reasoning–plus, if they knew as much as they pretend they do, they would know what is really happening, is they have all been conditioned and controlled to think this way, by the same manipulators that conditioned those who committed the genocides in Africa, and the cartels in South America who are killing each other, and are trying to pour into this country, with the help of very stupid people in our government.
The local economies plans are very, very good. But don’t be taken in by the hype. He goes on to say elsewhere the liberal poop that our Constitution was made up by rich white men, and they killed all the Indians and keeps repeating how we are a democracy. I am sick of repeating this: NO! The Constitution established the FIRST and ONLY DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC in the entire history of civilization!!!  That is why it is imperative it be preserved! And NO!! Not all of the founders of the Constitution were rich landowners. They had the heaviest votes, its true, but that was because they had the greatest knowledge of world affairs and education, and they lived in the cities and towns–the vast majority of the rest of the populace lived on isolated farms and such, and it was a 12-hour journey on horseback just to go pick up a keg of flour at the local trading post.
These are the lies that masquerade as almost-truth that have been bending our realities for so long, and twisting our world and our trust in each other. It has to stop. That is exactly why I urge everyone to unplug their TVs, and read, and get their kids out of the public schools. They have all been dedicated to twisting your minds and feeding you the company lies for decades now. The only way people of my generation missed it, we didn’t watch a lot of TV, or I didn’t. I was a book fiend, and mostly ignored school. (Drove my teachers nuts.)
The true history and reality is out there. The British Empire did not die; it has been warping the world we live in for 500 years. It’s been warping our nation, and it is their rotten and stupid economic failures we are sopping up even as we speak. The Federal Reserve is part of their central banks; it’s not a Federal bank at all, and the CFR is part of the RIIA, that has its tentacles in almost every nation of the world, and has controlled our presidents since Wilson. The ones they couldn’t control, they murdered.
We can’t be controlled by our guilt, or bullied by race exploiters. Wake up. We all have to pull together now, and work towards common goals. You don’t TAKE, you EARN. If there’s going to be any kind of “wealth redistribution” around here, I get first dibs on Rockefeller’s.

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