God Will Not Be Mocked

Islam is a Political Cult–NOT a Religion

Islam ceased being anything resembling a “religion” when it became drunk and arrogant on its own riches and power, and allowed the CIA under the orders of Brzezinski and Rockefeller to pervert them into the blasphemy that has come to be known as “fundamentalist Islam”. It isn’t “Islam”. It’s barbarism; the same systematic synthetic terrorism the NATO/Gladio forces pulled on Europe and Italy especially during the Cold War years and blamed on the “Red Menace”.

The truth is, if one looks carefully, one can see the fingerprints of the CIA all over these so-called “terrorists”, “Fun damentalists” and “Suicide Bombers’ and whatever other looney-tunes they have running around out there, including Mr. Hussein-whatever-his-name-really-is Obama himself.  He, too, is an artificial construction, built of PR and copywriters, and put together much like Frankenstein monster, only with much worse effect. At least that monster had a brain.

The CIA began with Allan Dulles; he literally bought the Muslim Brotherhood from the Sauds, (this was a branch of their family, part of the ones that had been Assassins way back when…they had told him they knew how to turn a man into a mind-controlled assassin, which was the crude beginning of the CIA’s MK-Ultra program, apparently). Allan Dulles, by the way,was a man of whom Churchill quipped, “Was a bull who carried about his own china shop…” He did have a propensity of hoisting his own petard quite frequently, apparently, and tangling the CIA–and the U.S,–with the sly and treacherous Muslim Brotherhood was something they have had cause to regret bitterly many times over.

The Sauds themselves were once common  bandits; they were nomads, and few lands at all until they were given Saudi Arabia. They kicked out the ruling tribe that was already there, so their persecution of the Israelis  for taking the “Palestinians” land is absolutely ridiculously hypocritical–also, since Islam spent the better part of 1600 years conquering every country they could slaughter or bully into capitulating to their swords and bloodthirsty brutalities. Nice they were not. They tend to forget that their high conversion  rates are not a matter of conviction but coercion.

Islam likes to slither its way into a nation and make itself so rude and disagreeable people keep giving in to them so they will just shut up.  But then they just get even more rude and disagreeable, and before you know it, they’ve taken over the whole country and kicked everyone else out. For what? The Great Fake of Islam?  And who made it a fake? The same ones that are using it now to do their dirty work. Shame on you all! To use the faith and devotion of men and women to serve your filthy Luciferian blasphemy!

There are hundreds of ambitious Imams and “teachers” who want to exalt themselves–look at Ayotollah Khomeni–the British MI6 put him in power! Did you know that?? And who sends the Muslim young men to die? Who tells them they Will go to paradise if they kill themselves killing some poor innocent people that those evil men want dead?? Does God want them dead? Why should he?

These are the same Luciferians who blaspheme God, who mock the Bible, who deny Jesus. They tell women to kill their own babies, and that it is good to do evil. But they are speaking for satan, and they are speaking nothing but lies.

It’s time Christians quit listening to these imposters who are not the legal government; don’t they understand that God didn’t empower them? Don’t they understand that all the Christian denominations have been as corrupted as Islam has been–and from the same evil blasphemers who wish to destroy all things that represent God?

Who destroyed the Twin Towers? Who got blamed for it? Who destroyed the Malaysian airliners? Who got blamed for it? Who created ISIS? Who is getting blamed for it? Who is really destroying the world? Who is getting blamed for it? Do you know the truth? Does anyone? I don’t. If anyone does, they had best speak up, because the liars sure are having THEIR say.

God will not be mocked, and he will have his Day. When he visits his wrath upon those who have defied him, and who have broken his laws, it will be far too late to back up and regroup. It will happen, and the Bible describes it–the Bible, which unlike the Quran, has never been wrong.