Prince Charles, Sauds, Heavily Implicated in Financing ISIS ‘Terrorists’

“The Fall of the House of Windsor”

“Saudi Role in Financing Jihadis Now Being Questioned in International Press”

“Deciding who is funding ISIS—and who should take the heat for its survival—depends upon the degree to which the world believes that the Islamic State is self-financing. Western governments have detailed the production of oil wells in ISIS territory and the vast amounts of cash supposedly stolen from Mosul banks after ISIS took over, but smuggling fuel and ransacking vaults can hardly sustain an Islamist nation which controls an area larger than the U.K.” says Leading British Middle East journalist Robert Fisk, writing in the Belfast Telegraph Feb. 4, essentially asking, “If the Saudis aren’t funding ISIS, who is?” Putting it bluntly, Fisk asks, “Should the world blame the Saudis for the inflammable monster that is ISIS?” (Executive Intelligence Review, February 9, 2015)

The House of Windsor is sinking itself–and the entire loathsome dogs of war that havoc  the earth in the name of British Imperialism–deeper and deeper into the slimy swamps  from which it crawled so long ago, according to Historians version of the Venetian nobility from which they originated.

British monarchs  have been  used to simply doing whatever they wanted and not having anyone daring

Dickens at the Blacking Warehouse. Charles Dic...
Dickens at the Blacking Warehouse. Charles Dickens is here shown as a boy of twelve years of age, working in a factory. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

to utter a peep of protest, as when Henry VIII romped through English, looting and

plundering all the properties and treasures of the Catholic Church–and set the Industrial Revolution back 250 years, contrary to what young trollings have been led to believe. He was ex-communicated by the Pope, but Henry didn’t care. He just invented his own church, made himself the head of it, and probably invented his own god, also.

The famous ‘English Common Law‘ was merely for the sake of appearances, for the most part. Anyone who has read Charles Dickens or any of the novels of those eras are quite familiar with the brutality and total indifference the oligarchical class showed the common man. England was severely overcrowded, there were simply not enough jobs, land or food to go around, and yet the poor were treated like poverty was a moral failing on their part, and idleness was a sign of sloth, ignorance and a criminal constitution.

So they threw the poor into prisons, hanged them, starved them in workhouses, paid them less to nothing and worked them to death in horrid factories they would not keep a dog they liked . Indeed, most horses led much better lives than the common working man in England.

Het gieten van ijzer in blokken
Het gieten van ijzer in blokken (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is where their views about eugenics and total lack of humanity came from; any society that could hang a seven-year-old child for stealing a teaspoon did not deserve to exist.

Was it any wonder our forefathers left to find freedom from such sheer assholery in America? The Royals were exceedingly insulted and outraged when the new colony had the effrontery to dare to think it could govern itself–common people, escaping from their masters? It was outside the laws of nature–according to the Monarchy, and hadn’t they dismissed God as a nuisance years ago? After the Revolution, they have spent untold efforts and money not only to bring the USA back into its proper place, but to bring the entire world under its authority, as was proper and fitting–in their eyes. Like the Muslims, they have decided they are the only ones perfect enough, sacred enough, refined enough to be allowed to be master of everyone else on the planet. Somehow, they ignore the fact they are a bunch of bloody, sociopathic butchers, dope-pushers and criminals. Just like their buddies.


It’s no secret Prince Charles has ties to  the Saudi sponsors of Wahhabite terrorism worldwide; so does George Bush as a matter fact, and no one can miss how Obama positively grovels before the Saud royals.  U.S. citizens are growling in rising outrage,  demanding disclosure of the 28 suppressed pages of the Congressional Joint Inquiry into the 9/11 terrorist attacks, concerning the relationship of the Saudi royal family to those crimes.  Charles can’t wiggle his way out of this, or mutter polite excuses;  Not only did Prince Bandar bin Sultan, Saudi Ambassador to the USA in 2001 and undoubtedly a subject of the 28 pages, pour tens of millions of dollars into Charles’s private “charities” and the Oxford Center for Islamic Studies (known as “Charles’s OCIS,” because of his active patronage), but Charles himself negotiated mega-deals within the Anglo-Saudi arms trade[1]

(1. Richard Freeman and William F. Wertz, Jr., “Charles of Arabia. The British Monarchy, Saudi Arabia, and 9/11,” EIR, May 23, 2014; and Richard Freeman, “King Faisal and the Forging of the Anglo-Saudi Terror Alliance,” EIR, June 27, 2014, document ties between the Saudi and British Royals, particularly Charles.)

“Bandar’s brother-in-law Prince Turki bin Faisal, who resigned as director of Saudi General Intelligence 10 days before 9/11, is a member of the OCIS Board of Trustees and chairs its Strategy Advisory Committee. The pair were among only eight foreign royals whom Charles invited to his wedding to Camilla Parker-Bowles in 2005.”

 Both are named in the 4,000-page lawsuit filed on Feb. 3 in New York by the families of 9/11 victims. [See article in National—ed.] Already in 2005, a book co-authored by British former prisoner of the Saudi regime Sandy Mitchell pointed out that “Prince Charles’s relationships with prominent House of Saud members have created serious problems and obstacles to UK agencies investigating claims of Saudi financing of international terrorism, according to Special Branch sources,” citing how lawyers for 9/11 families encountered such a stone wall on a visit to the UK in 2003. [2 ]

2. Mark Hollingsworth with Sandy Mitchell, Saudi Babylon: Torture, Corruption and Cover-Up Inside the House of Saud (Edinburgh and London: Mainstream Publishing, 2005).

Fury at the  Windsor-Saud alliance is building rapidly, and where there was a time when no journalist dared say a word remotely critical of a royal, they have sunk themselves so deep in the mire of their own scandals, that the world at large has lost all respect for them, it seems. Human rights activist Joan Smith, for example, blasted Charles in a Jan. 25 column in The Independent, for “sucking up to the Saudis.” She cited the role of “Saudi Arabia, with its two-faced royal family,” in “the 9/11 attacks, Madrid, the 7/7 bombings, the kidnapping of the Chibok girls [and] the massacre at Charlie Hebdo.
Charles is feeling the heat. A new biography of the Prince of Wales claims that he “no longer wants to promote UK arms sales in Gulf States,” according to the BBC on Feb. 4. [3]

3. The book is Charles: Heart of a King (London: WH Allen, 2015), by Time magazine journalist Catherine Mayer 

When  Charles visited the Persian Gulf, including Saudi Arabia, again on Feb. 6-12, Clarence House (his residence) even  issued a defensive-sounding statement that “the Prince of Wales’s return to the region only one year after his last tour demonstrates the importance that Her Majesty’s Government places on its association with key partners in the area. These connections are underpinned by the long-standing and respectful relationships which exist between the Royal Family and the ruling families in the Gulf.” The BBC reported that a spokesman followed up with a pre-emptive denial of new arms deals, saying: “The Prince of Wales’ upcoming visit to the Middle East is not about sales of defense equipment.”  You almost have to feel sorry for someone so pathetically clueless, but they are ALL like that, and it’s what makes them so bloody dangerous.

Even more scum leaking out of the fissures and cracks of the crumbling “Empire”:

• Revelations about a pedophile ring operating in high society, including within Buckingham Palace, continue to rock the UK. At the same time, Catherine Mayer’s biography has drawn attention to the status Prince Charles accorded the late Jimmy Savile—a TV personality and notorious pedophile (exposed as such only after his death in 2011)—as friend, confidant, adviser, and even “key aide,” as one newspaper account put it. A 2013 Scotland Yard report cited abuse by Savile “on an unprecedented scale,” shown in complaints by 450 people, covering the period 1955-2009 and victims aged 8 to 47.

• Sworn testimony is sought from Prince Andrew, fifth in line to the throne, in a sexual abuse claim against convicted child-abuser Jeffrey Epstein by a victim who testifies she was pimped to Andrew by Epstein, his friend, when she was a minor.

Charles’s “fury” over a BBC documentary called “Reinventing the Royals,” was widely reported. It concerns the PR campaign waged after Diana’s death to get the public to accept Charles’s longtime mistress, Camilla Parker-Bowles, as his next wife. Scheduled to air on Jan. 4, the program was pulled because Clarence House refused to provide archival footage. After an uproar over Charles’s heavy-handed intervention, the program is now supposed to air on Feb. 19.

Royals and British Intelligence Implicated in Assassination of Princess Diana

The deaths of Princess Diana and her boyfriend, Dodi Fayed, were a terrible shock to the world. She was much-beloved, and there were grave suspicions that her death was no accident, as the “official storyline” claimed. A retired New Zealander, John Morgan, was prmpted to look into her death by his own suspicions, and after intensive investigation, found that a key intelligence figure involved was a rather infamous and high-ranked MI6 Intelligence Officer, Sherpard Cowper-Coles, who was posing under a pseudonym in the London Embassy, and replaced the day after Diana’s murder. No testimony from Cowper-Coles was taken at the inquest, although presiding Lord Justice Scott Baker had announced that the involvement of British security services was a major topic for review. That omission is even more striking in view of Cowper-Coles’s relationship to the Anglo-Saudi Al-Yamamah arms deal, [20 ] in which Prince Charles and Prince Andrew have both directly participated.

([20.] Jeffrey Steinberg, “Scandal of the Century Rocks British Crown and the City,” EIR, June 22, 2007. Cowper-Coles had headed the Hong Kong Department of the British Foreign Office, until the handover of Hong Kong to China in 1997. As
Ambassador to Saudi Arabia (2003-07), he played a decisive role in 2006 in shutting down the British Serious Fraud Office investigation of the Al-Yamamah deal, which Prince Bandar had negotiated with the huge British arms company BAE Systems. Al-Yamamah generated a slush fund of $100 billion, used to finance the Afghan mujahedin networks
that gave rise to Al-Qaeda. Cowper-Coles was later the British Ambassador to Afghanistan (2007-09) and the Foreign Secretary’s Special Representative to Afghanistan and Pakistan (2009-10). In 2007, Afghan President Hamid Karzai expelled two MI6 agents caught funding the Taliban, one of whom, Michael Semple, was a close associate of Cowper-Coles. (Ramtanu Maitra, “Does the U.S. Understand What Is at Stake in Afghanistan?”, EIR, Sept. 24, 2010, details the involvement of Cowper-Coles in the matter of British dope-promotion in Afghanistan, while also mentioning his track record with respect to Diana’s death and the Saudi arms scandal.) After leaving the Foreign Office, CowperColes
became a senior executive at BAE Systems. He left BAE in 2013 and is currently Senior Advisor to the CEO of another elite British company, one with a background in the narcotics trade, HSBC Group. In 2004 Queen Elizabeth made Cowper-Coles a Knight Commander of the Order of St. Michael and St. George.

Phases of Al-Yamamah, as well as other BAE-Saudi arms deals, were negotiated by Charles himself, most recently during his February 2014 state visit to Saudi Arabia. In November 2010, major British press reported on Andrew’s advocacy for BAE, as revealed in a U.S. diplomatic telegram, exposed by Wikileaks, expressing shock at how he had “railed at British anticorruption investigators, who had had the ‘idiocy’ of almost scuttling the al-Yamamah deal with Saudi Arabia.”)

The Shameful Condemnation of The “Boston Bomber”


  How Sick Can You Get??


Death Sentence for Boston Bomber, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, Unsettles City He Tore Apart [No, He Didn’t]

(From the New York Times)
The finish line of the Boston Marathon is a landmark here, a blue and yellow slash across Boylston Street that has represented pride and achievement for those who stagger across it in one of the great races of the running world.

Since bombs went off here two years ago, all of Boston has claimed the line as a symbol of how this city came together in the smoky, sulfurous aftermath to tend to the dead and the maimed; it came to represent the city’s resilience.


But since a federal jury on Friday sentenced the convicted bomber to death, the finish line suddenly seems to be a place of ambivalence. Fresh flowers are accumulating. A sense of sorrow lingers in the air. Sightseers who come to snap a photo feel a little self-conscious. Residents train their gaze on the line, and the conversations turn to death — and disappointment.

“I was shocked,” said Scott Larson, 47, a records manager who works near the finish line. “The death penalty — for Boston.”

The Boston Victims

[What About the Iraqi Victims, the Syrian Victims, the Libyan Victims, the African Victims, the Christian Victims, the Mortgage Rip-off Vicitms….??]

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Given Death Penalty in Boston Marathon Bombing

To many, the death sentence almost feels like a blot on t
he city’s collective consciousness.
To the amazement of people elsewhere, Bostonians overwhelmingly opposed condemning the bomber, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, to death. The most recent poll, conducted last month for The Boston Globe, found that just 15 percent of city residents wanted him executed. Statewide, 19 percent did. By contrast, 60 percent of Americans wanted Mr. Tsarnaev to get the death penalty, according to a CBS News poll last month.


No one here felt sympathy for him. Rather, many thought life in prison would be a fate worse than death, especially for someone as young as Mr. Tsarnaev, who is 21. Others feared that putting him to death would make him a martyr. Still others, interviewed around the city Friday night and Saturday, reflected the region’s historical aversion to the death penalty.

Neil Maher, who spent his teenage years in Boston and returned this weekend for his class reunion at Boston College High School, said the verdict had surprised and disappointed him.“They ought to demonstrate a little humanity,” said Mr. Maher, 66, who lives in Frederick, Md. “Killing a teenager’s not going to do anything. I think it’s just a kind of visceral revenge. I think that in three years, the people of Boston and the people on the jury will feel bad about this decision.”

Like many others, he could not square the death sentence with the sense of Massachusetts exceptionalism that has pervaded Boston since 1630, when the Puritan John Winthrop said this spot in the New World would be “as a city upon a hill — the eyes of all people are upon us.”

Mr. Maher, walking in South Boston on the waterfront, lamented that Massachusetts seemed to be losing its lofty goals and a piece of its unique identity. “The Chinese put a lot of people to death, and we put a lot of people to death, and almost nobody else in the world does,” he said. “It’s kind of a brutal thing. And for this to happen in Massachusetts …” His voice trailed off.

At the site of the bombing, Jessica Brown, an editor for a technology company, stared at the finish line while a companion from out of state took a photograph. The sentence had taken her, too, by surprise.

“I really thought they were going to do life in prison,” said Ms. Brown, who expressed some philosophical doubt about the death penalty. “It raises the question of, should we react to murder with murder?” she said.

And why is the master race immune? Obama, Bush, Cheney, the ragged, demented lunatics of the decaying British Empire and their dog-breathed minions in the MI6 and CIA have murdered untold millions with their vile illegal drugs, their arms deals (which was why Benghazi was covered up and Hillary thrown under the bus, by the way), their profitable wars, their death-drugs, the poisonous potions they dump willy-nilly about in our air, our food, and in the lungs of our fighting men then try to blame it on demon tobacco…and they skip about totally unscathed and kill even more, like the thousands drowning in the Mediterranean trying desperately to escape their petty wars of extermination that no one even notices, since they keep throwing kids like Adam Lanza and Tsarnov and Bradley Manning and Aaron Schwartz to the meat grinders in false flags that do little but focus the dull, glazing eyes of the public off the TV screen and monitors just long enough enough to distract them from the real Butchers Bill, and who are really profiting from it all!!!

And who is making it all possible? You writers of this rag, who think you are writing great journalism when you are writing nothing but sewage that will condemn you as the conspirators that have willingly condemned not only this innocent young man but how many others to infamy and ourselves to endless tyranny? You Quislings! You Traitors! You Vipers! Hypocrites! It’s better for you if a millstone were thrown around your neck and you were thrown in the deepest ocean, for all of you, everyone of you, from the so-called jurors who knew they were condemning an innocent man to death, to the judge, to the “leaders” of Boston who stood there, too ashamed to look into the camera, who have stood by and allowed this farce to go on!!!


Like 9/11, when that piece of putrid pus Guiliano willingly collborated with those who brought the towers down, you are all contrmptible cowards and weasels, for ALL of you know the truth, and you are ALL too cowardly to risk your own comfy asses to do a thing about it, while thousands and thousands starve are murdered and die horribly, because of your craven cowardness.I puke on you all!!!! And so does all who still have any real cojones in this nation! And so does any who have any real humanity left in their soul!!! I spit in your faces, every one of you!!!!


People of Boston, you make polite mewling noises when you should be shoving chests of tea up these cowards asses!!!!!!!

WHERE’S YOUR FUCKING BALLS DAMMIT!!!!!!Let this boy die, when ALL of you know who the REAL murderers are, and YOU make YOURSELVES the Murderers!!!!!

For her, the question hit close to home because she lives in Boston’s Dorchester neighborhood, near Bill and Denise Richard. The couple’s 8-year-old son, Martin, was killed by one of the bombs — but they nonetheless made an open plea to the government to drop its pursuit of the death penalty and send Mr. Tsarnaev to prison instead.

Some of the survivors of the bombings and their relatives felt very differently. Many supported the death penalty and expressed relief on Friday when word emanated from the courtroom that the jury had chosen it. Most were solemn, not triumphant.

“I feel justice for my family,” said Liz Norden, who went to court almost every day during the trial and whose sons, Paul and J. P., lost legs in the blasts. “I have to watch my two sons put a leg on every day, so, I mean, I don’t know — closure? But I can tell you, it feels like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.”

Most public officials were noncommittal, if they made statements at all. Mayor Martin J. Walsh said he hoped the verdict would bring closure to the survivors, telling reporters later on Saturday: “I don’t think there’s any punishment too great for him.”Peggy Fahey, a lifelong Bostonian who was sipping coffee on a park bench in South Boston early Saturday, said she believed that Mr. Tsarnaev had been treated too gently since his arrest and that death was what he irrefutably deserved.
“Oh, please, let him die. Enough is enough,” said Ms. Fahey, 78, her blue eyes blazing. “Why send him to a fancy prison out there in Colorado and let him be coddled again and let him be interviewed by Diane Sawyer — you know what I mean? Just be done with it.”
But many more seemed to share the view of Priscilla Winter, 56, an elementary school teacher from Dorchester who was strolling along the South Boston waterfront. To her, the verdict felt morally wrong.

“Martin Richard’s parents didn’t believe it was right, so how is anyone else supposed to?” Ms. Winter asked, her voice rising.

“It didn’t happen to me,” she said. “I didn’t lose anybody. I didn’t lose a leg. I wasn’t there. But to hear somebody who was affected that much — they lost a son — for them to be that way?”

Ms. Winter’s walking companion, Liam Larkin, 57, said he lived around the corner from the Richards. Like them, he said, he wanted the closure that a life sentence would have brought.

“I think the best way of punishing him would be to send him to the Supermax,” said Mr. Larkin, who works removing lead from old buildings.

“It was horrendous what he did; it really was,” Mr. Larkin said. “But I don’t agree with the death penalty. Even if his brother was alive, and he was the one who instigated the whole thing, I’d say send him to Supermax, too. I think it’s a fit punishment for him, to be honest. More fitting than this.”

Milton and Dania Pouncy, chasing their toddler along the waterfront as planes roared overhead, said they preferred life in prison for Mr. Tsarnaev because he deserved to suffer.

“I think that was too simple, to put him to death,” said Ms. Pouncy, 39, who works in accounts receivable at a hospital. “I think he needs to suffer some. Death is too easy. Once it’s over, it’s over.”

Mr. Pouncy, 47, agreed, adding that he wondered how much solace the death penalty could provide for survivors. “The families who lost people are still going to be numb. Maybe they’ll feel like a little bit of justice has been done, but all in all, it’s not going to bring their loved ones back.”

A version of this article appears in print on May 17, 2015, on page A1 of the New York edition with the headline: Death Penalty Leaves Boston Unsure of Itself .


           Dang. They got me mad. They hadn’t oughta done that.